Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 78: Faith brings Boldness 信仰が大胆さを齎す

So it was a good week. We have a new mission focus! all about relying on the Lord. Only had it a few days, but its been pretty great. I`ve been more bold in the last couple lessons than any lesson I`ve ever taught, and its getting things done! ^^ I even cut people off while they were talking and my voice got louder a couple times. Which is not normal of me, but when the spirit makes you confident with what you have to say, it can happen.

I was talking with a recent convert, who didn`t maybe feel like he needed to come to church. I was very clear. Our goal in this life is to return to God. To do that we need the Atonement in our lives. For that the Sacrament is necessary.  Anything that gets in the way of us taking the sacrament is from Satan. (read with him from Moroni 7). The spirit was strong and I`m not worried about him coming to church from now on.

We got a family referral! we should teach a family of some sort this week! looking forward to that!

Also an investigator that had moved up to Sapporo came back! he wasn`t supposed to be back until March, but he is here. He left in February, so its been a while since he came to Matsuyama, but he gets along great with the members. Might be able to be baptized soon!

Today we made more mochi! this time with a hammer. Way fun. haha. It is so delicious you would not believe. Like the deliciousness nearly killed me.

Love you all!

Oh how lovely was the morning...... in a bamboo forest. Actually it was last preparation day afternoon, like a 10 minute walk away from the church.

Pretty cool, right? I have a video of running down this path. Its pretty cool, but its also larger than 15 MB.

Yeah. An ancient battle ground right by the church. how cool is that.

This is how they made the rice for the Mochi today. Cool, right? they took off the wood thing on top, and stacked up 2 pots there. Then we smashed the rice. ^^

Smashing materials.

I smashed it too hard and rice flew everywhere. haha. Wasn`t too bad actually but hey.

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