Monday, June 25, 2012

July 16th is the date!

Well, its been an information stuffed week! Everyone was right about the MTC being really slow until the first Sunday, and then the time goes pretty fast! Up until the first Sunday, all they do is teach you the rules of the MTC. over. and over. and over again. Really I wasn't surprised by anything the first time they told me the rules. Anyway, that's all over now, and we've moved on to more substantial subjects, which is good :) So I found out my departure date finally! I had to go to the travel office and ask them, no one else knew anything! So I leave for Japan on JULY 16. I know, right?? so awesome :D so I'll only be spending 5 weeks here at the MTC, unless the visa doesn't go through, which the visas to Japan are usually pretty fast, so I should be OK. I'm pretty excited :D

So I've been teaching myself Japanese during my study breaks, and its payed off! So I got to meet with one of the Japanese teachers yesterday, and he said he could act as a progressing investigator and I could practice teaching him. I told him "I don't think I'm ready for that...." so he said he would just get a feel for my Japanese skills. After talking to me for about 3 minutes, he told me "Ok, I think you're ready to teach the first lesson." "........ ok......" and so I did. It was kind of rough at first, but I think I actually did pretty good! :D though it's only been a week, I've picked up a lot of church vocab during my personal study time.

Ok, so 4:30 is not really that early to eat dinner. Actually its a great time. No I'm not starving anymore at night haha.

Anyway, more about my Companions: Elder Puailoa is from Samoa, and he is going to Samoa on his mission. Elder Martinez is from Arizona / Mexico, and he is going to LA. they're both great guys, and we get along alright.

OK, so last time I said I was in the international district. Well that is incorrect. I'm in the advanced language district in the international branch. Its so cool! Everyone I talk to is from some foreign country. There are tons of missionaries from Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Samoa, Spain, and all over the world! (not many from Europe for some reason) When I say I'm from Utah, I'm actually the odd one out! haha. So that's different. I don't know anyone in the whole branch who has the native language of English besides me. For a lot of people in the branch, it's their first time in the States. So it's really cool to talk to people about where they're from. I can also get some practice talking to native Japanese speakers, which is definitely a plus. Anyway, I'm all out of time, so That will be all today!



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