Friday, June 15, 2012

Straight from the MTC

So my MTC experience is not what I expected..... at all. So I got to the MTC, and I got to my classroom right away once I got my nametag and such, and my teacher greeted me, in English. My missionary host (the guy who brought me to class) said "what? My class was completely in my mission language, you are lucky!" and my teacher said, "nope, this class is only in English." So I was pretty confused. So I sat down and Br. Williams, my teacher, asked where I was going. I told him, and he asked me "oh, you're fluent in Japanese?" and I was like "uhhh.......... well...... I can get by I guess...." He explained to me that this was the "advanced language program" where everyone is already fluent at their mission language. woah. I guess they have pretty good confidence in my Japanese ability. Probably more confidence than I have of my Japanese ability. haha. So I'll be learning how to teach all of the lessons in English for 3 weeks, then I will be in a Japanese district for (I think) 3 weeks (but no one seems to know for sure how long I'll be here). So I'm trying to learn the lessons in Japanese in my spare time.... basically I'm still teaching Japanese to my self. There are no missionaries that I can practice with. My district is only 4 people, of which I am the only one who's native language is English. I have 2 companions, and there is a "solo sister" in our district, who has a companion, but they are in a different district. My 2 companions are from Samoa and Arizona / Mexico. the sister is from some island around Australia I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I'm currently working on lesson one in Preach My Gospel, trying to learn it simultaneously in English and Japanese in my study time. I'm about half way through memorizing the first vision (JSH 16-17) in Japanese. I'm doing that because it's hard to know what to study, really.

I don't know how to get my mail yet, and I don't know anyone's address, so sorry if my reply is a little late this first time haha.

The hardest thing to adjust to is the dinner time. We have dinner at 4:30! kind of stupid really. I'm starving every night. The first night was awful, didn't sleep very good so I'm exhausted today. By the second day it was better though, which is good.

The Lord knows what trials I need right now, and he's giving me all of them. My patience is what is really being tested right now, and patience is something I've never been good at. I really want to be learning in Japanese, but its just not possible because I'm the only missionary in my situation. I know that I can help my district though, 2 of them are there polishing their English for their missions.

I've been made district leader! I don't really know what that means yet, I just got the assignment, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I'm doing great, and learning a ton.
Elder O'Reilly

P.S.. No pictures from the MTC. this computer doesn't even have the ability to upload pictures. sorry. Maybe next week I'll try the computer lab, but I have no more time today.

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