Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 92

Oh goodness. we have visited all the less actives in the near-by area, so we went a little further out. every day. We biked to far places every day. Kochi is really really big. haha.

We kept pushing though, and we were able to find more people who have potential to come back to church. but holy cow I`m tired.

And....... the 15th Elder in Kochi was ordained, Yesterday, on Easter. So that means that a Stake can be formed on Shikoku! It was a branch conference, so other priesthood leaders including President Zinke came to the meeting. It was a great meeting. I sang in the choir as well.

Looking forward to another good week,

Elder O`Reilly

pretty cool

The beach! actually this is on top of a museum for a guy named Sakamoto Ryoma. He was actually a pretty cool guy.  We didn`t make it to the beach. One of the other missionary`s bike tire went flat and we decided to figure it out right away rather then going to the beach.

It was Elder Dos Santo`s birthday on Thursday! An investigator took us out to eat...... at the hotel where the Royal Family comes to stay in Kochi. yeah, it was pretty cool.

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