Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 90: Gift of the Holy Ghost 聖霊の賜物

So we`ve been teaching only less actives, and there is one thing that I`ve noticed. They are a lot more sensitive to the spirit than those who have not received the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a blessing it is! I am so glad to have it in my life.

We found this one less active member. He was baptised in Tokyo over 30 years ago. Moved here to kochi and never even went to church once in kochi. He said he felt like he was pushed into being baptized.

We met with him, and basically the first thing he says is he was not interested, that our church wasn`t for him.

We kept talking to him. As we talked to him, I realized he was a really good person, that he was trying to do what is right. I told him that the fact that we as people want to do what is right is evidence of a God. I also asked him if he feels good when he does something for someone. This is also evidence of a God. He told us to come back and tell him more.

We came back and were able to teach him all about the restoration of the Gospel, and invited him to pray.

His wife is not a member, and we will be looking for ways we can bring the gospel to them. We teach him at his hospital, after hours.

Looking forward to another great week,

love you all,
Elder O`Reilly

One of the main streets in Kochi city

Ok...... just 99 miles to go.  ( actually we found out it was actually 113 miles total )


Made it to the tip. Oh yeah.  Lets not think of the return trip and just enjoy the ocean. haha.

Lots of cool sights in muroto zaki!

Me and the ocean

LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! .......... the opposite direction that I am pointing......... approximately 60 miles............

Sakura was at full bloom! also I think this picture is awesome.

Sakura! Just for you, mom. ;)

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