Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventures in Japan: Week 3

So this week was pretty great! Less bike accidents and such... haha! Unfortunately my arm hasn`t made much progress.... it is healing really slow it seems. Perhaps it is because I don`t have the chance to give it a break for a day. I don`t know.

Anyway, the week started and ended with awesomeness, as it always must in the wonderful land of Japan. Since 二口兄弟 got in a car accident, we only met with him once this week. He`s doing really well! We asked if he would read the BoM just a little everyday, and he was like `` I already read it for 30-45 minutes a day, is that good? `` ^O^ YES! haha. He is already getting into 2nd Nephi! Which is really exciting. We are going to teach him tonight, right after we teach 森村兄弟。 Yeah, we planned another epic week alright ^o^ We have plans for every single evening already, which is exciting! Some of the nights are meeting with members and less actives and teaching English, but still it seems like we are going to have a very productive week as far as finding new people to teach.

Cool Contact of the week:

So we ran into this guy named Joe a while back, he seemed interested and he gave us his phone number. For whatever reason the phone number didn`t work. Last night we ran into him again. (what are the chances of that??) I personally taught him the first vision on the spot, and we got his number from off his phone. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, and he was really grateful to us. So grateful, in fact, that he gave us both hugs. I took that as a sign that he took our message well. ^^ He is going to try to come to church this Sunday, and if he does we will be able to teach him and his family afterwards.

P-day adventure of last week: Fushiminari. it was sooooo awesome. hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of tori, or arches. Waaaay cool to walk through. As we got further up there were just hundreds of shrines, I`ll send a picture of one so you can get an idea of how cool a shrine is ^^ .

Oh yeah! hello. most cool thing that happened this week. So I went on Exchanges this week! it was exciting. I had the district leader as my companion for a day. He is super cool! He is also majoring in Electrical Engineering at BYU and has studied Japanese at BYU! So it was way cool to talk to and learn from him. His Japanese is really really good, so I was able to learn a ton from him. I`m going on exchanges again on Friday after district meeting, this time with the district leaders companion.

Next time on Adventures in Japan: Elder O`Reilly journeys to the mystical place of 平等院 on P-day, an incredibly famous Japanese place. (duh, of course its Japanese) Elder O`Reilly goes to a sushi place where the sushi goes around on conveyer belts. (SO EXCITED!) and Elder O`Reilly goes on Companion exchanges, this time to the foreign land of the Fushimi area!

皆さん、愛しているよ! (Everyone, I love you!)
オーライリ長老より          (From, Elder O'Reilly)

Big arch in the front

Woah! So cool! They went on forever...

Example of a shrine. These foxes were everywhere! There were hundreds of shrines!

Just a cool pic!

Dragon shine! way cool looking! ^^

Cool building

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