Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We aren`t Supposed to Explode Heads

Adventures in JAPAN!! Week 5:   \(~o~)/

So this week went by way fast. I`ll start from the start.

Last monday we took a chill day, went to the mall and checked out what they had. Mostly it was clothes, which is kind of boring but yeah. Then I caught up on my letters. Yep. That`s it pretty much. It was hard to find people to teach that night.

Tuesday: Tuesday was one word: AWESOME. so we went to a member`s home to help with an English speech thing. Which is super fun to help with and boosts my vocab quite a bit. ^o^ really helpful both ways. Afterwords we had dinner with her family. Guess what we had?!?! SUSHI! yeah. It was way awesome. SO much sushi. I feel bad for you guys. Just imagine the best meal you can possibly think of. Then multiply it by 10. And then remember that I already ate it and there`s nothing left for you. and it was thousands of miles away. Anyway, it was super good. ^^ The rest of the day was spent looking for people. That`s what we spend most of our time doing. Unfortunately, many days we don`t even find someone who will give us their number. Then one day we find like 3 or more. Seems to be pretty random. so we just keep working at it!

Wednesday: We had a district meeting. It was good stuff. Learned about using parables while teaching to add power. Its the way Christ taught. We now try to make up parables that can be applied to their situation in life so they can understand gospel principles. It works really good! After district meeting we taught English Class. Not a whole lot of people came, but it was still really good. We shared a message about prophets at the end.

Thursday: We taught a lesson! to 二口兄弟. It went really well. We taught about Faith. He is becoming more and more excited about his baptism! its coming up soon on September 2nd! Other than that we did our weekly planning session and looked for people. yep.

Friday: Exchanges! I went with an Australian Elder, who has been here about twice as long as me. My Language study ethic really helped us out. ^^ I was able to help communicate everything we needed to say. And he was able to help me simplify my contacting approach so I don`t explode people`s heads with information. Because we aren`t supposed to explode heads. Thats bad. haha (0.0) That day went really well, we set up an appointment with a new investigator right there on the street! we will meet with him on wednesday. Pretty exciting! ^^ We also taught 森村兄弟。 the lesson went really well! We set up a baptism date. He was really hesitant, he wants to strengthen his faith more, but we assured him that setting a date would strengthen his faith. His date is 9/9. So coming up soon as well!

Saturday:  We went to back to Fushimi to exchange back, and we stayed there a while because there was a party the members were holding and there were a couple non-members there. It was a really cool experience. On the way back we met the coolest guy ever! haha. We were standing at the train station, and my comp. turned to him and said, 「あついですねぇ!」 (its hot! isn`t it?) (everyone says this ALL the time, haha!) and the guy turns to us and we start talking. He said we made him super happy! haha just by talking to him! He wants to become a translator, so he was practicing his English with us. The train came and we asked if it was his train. He said it was, but he would rather talk to us! haha so we talked to him for about 20 more minutes. Unfortunately, he will be going to the fushimi English class, not ours. :( haha. We are always finding new investigators for other areas.

Sunday was also awesome. Aparently every 3rd sunday is a party type thing after church. so there was food and such. Both our investigators came AGAIN, which was crazy awesome. We also got a less active to come! I taught Futakuchi kyoudai and my comp taught morimura kyoudai. Well, my time is getting short.

Its amazing what can be accomplished with the Lord`s help. I am growing more and more confident in my Japanese every day. :D

Well its been a great week, and it will be another great week this week!

See you all later!


Next week on Adventures in Japan: Elder O`Reilly Goes to Nara Park and sees a ridiculously large Budda, Elder O`Reilly is unable to meet with his progressing investigators until Sunday beacause they`re `too busy`, and has to find other investigators, and Elder O`Reilly just has an awesome week in general!

My awesome bike. I call it the 黒い馬 kuroiuma. the black horse.
 which sounds like 車 kuruma, a car.

My apartment building (can you see all the parked bikes?)

 The Church building. good times in there! most of our lessons are there.
Pic on the way to the church.
Why yes, all of Japan looks awesome, what made you ask?

 In order to enter a Shrine in Japan, you have to purify yourself. Pretty simple, pour water on hands, in mouth, spit it out, done. This one is a dragon water spout. Yeah, awesome. In a shrine 5 min from the apart. 

The shrine by our apart. 

 Yeah, more fireworks. Awesome pic,no? make it your desktop backround! haha 

The awesome Fam that made us SUSHI!. 
We helped the girl on the far right with her English. 
This is the Komatsu Family. Great family!

District meeting! (with zone leaders) 
On the right is Elder Henderson, on the right Elder Wycoff, a zone leader.
The middle? some awesome guy I heard.

 Other guys. Left to right: other zone leader,my comp, elder Allen.

Some sisters in the ward at the ward party in Fushimi

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