Monday, August 13, 2012

The Phoenix Palace, lots of cool people and fantastic food!

Hey all of my adoring fans, its adventures in Japan!! Week 4.

So this week was pretty much crazy awesome. I suppose I should start from the top.

Monday: 平等院。 byoudouin. The Pheonix Palace. And yes, it is as epic as its name. Its a super famous building in Japan, its even on the 10円 piece. Happens to be IN MY AREA. yeah. how cool is that?! it was actually one of my favourite desktop backrounds on my Laptop. So pretty cool to go inside (sorry, no pics were allowed inside, but just believe me when I say it was way epic) We rode our bikes a little over an hour to get there. apparently, our area is huge. like major huge huge. Like my companion who has been here for 7 months hasn`t seen most of it huge. Like you could bike all day in one direction and still be in the area huge. Most of it is countryside, but we have a lot of city-like areas as well, so I get to see both sides, which is way awesome.

I tried a ramen place for the first time, and I have to say it was amazing. Really good stuff. Your mouth should probably be watering right now. But wait, because that`s not the coolest place I went out to this week.

Our lessons with 二口兄弟 and  森村兄弟 both went excellently, they both had 2 lessons this week actually. They also both came to church! so great progress is being made there. We went (on friday) to a firework festival with 二口兄弟 which was way awesome. Japanese fireworks are the bomb. in the sky. haha ok that was kind of a lame joke, but laugh anyway, ok?

Of course we found lots of cool people again this week, for example some guy who was investigating the church 40 years ago walked up to us and talked with us. We`ll probably meet with him again this week. He doesn`t want to agree to anything formal, but if we just get together as friends he`s OK with it.

Because of some festivities going on this week (no, I don`t have any idea what they are for), the city was pretty empty. Don`t really know where everyone is. haha. Tuesday, we had nothing planned until that night, so we just went out to find people.  All day, we found maybe 5ish people to talk to, and we tried several different places. So that was different. That night a less-active family took us to a Sushi place. Way awesome place! sit down, take sushi as it comes by on a conveyer belt, order food on a screen and it magically comes to you on the conveyer belt, and its all fantastic. Had a great time and then shared with them a message about the atonement. It was a good night.

Last night, we went to the Bishop`s for dinner. Pretty great food! ^^ We had to take a train to get to his house though (since our area/ward is SOOO HUGE! like so huge that...) We had curry at his place, which was pretty awesome! ^^ We did a really cool message involving a candle, some coins, some water, and some magic vacuum effects, and it went really well. The bishop gave us names of people to visit, so we`ll be doing that this week.

Today We`ll probably just organize some stuff at the apartment and chill a little bit. Probably go shopping and buy a few things. yep yep.

Oh yeah! so we didn`t go on the exchange. That will be this week.

Anyway, I suppose that`s the highlights of the week and such. Feel free to read it over and over to your heart`s content. ^^

My arm I expect to be completely better by next week, I actually made some progress this week. haha. ^^

Love you all! yes. all of you. That means you.

王雷利長老。Why yes, that is my name in Kanji. haha.^^

Next time on Adventures in Japan::  Elder O`Reilly goes on an exchange (for real) with another inexperienced Elder, Elder O`Reilly goes to several dinner appointments (Oh yeah!) and Elder O`Reilly finds 15 new investigators!! (Hey, it could happen)

Cool river in my area. Hour away from the apartment by bike. by 平等院。

平等院。 The Pheonix Palace.

Ok, same place again, but it is STILL awesome, right??

Pads of lily. I call them lily pads.

The guy who took us out to sushi  ^^ GOOD stuff.

All of us at the sushi place minus my comp.

Glasses day at district meeting. We have dist. meeting everyweek, did I mention that??
 its way fun, I look forward to it!

花火。 in Japan. OH YEAH!
Yeah. Fireworks in Japan are that cool!

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