Sunday, October 14, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 13: Knowledge of Truth! 真理の知識!

I guess it seems to save time to copy my letter to president, so here it is


Its been a great week. Boice 長老 is incredible! You must have whipped him into shape good. haha. ^^ We`ve set the goal to see 3 baptisms this transfer, and we both agreed on that and believe it can be done.

I am beginning to see who I am meant to become. through much study and experience, I`m beginning to understand the things I need to overcome, and the person that God knows I can be. This mission theme of True Disciples, One and All reminds me of my father. He asked me to write a page of what I want to become, and then read it frequently and strive to become that person. He is an inspired man.

The area is doing very well! we were able to get back in contact with a couple investigators that we haven`t been able to for about a month, bringing our total investigators back up to 9. We still have the 3 progressing investigators, but we have potential for some new progressing investigators soon.

We are planning for 二口兄弟 to be baptized on the 28th. He has been taught everything and just needs a final visit and an interview!

Well, looking forward to a week of miracles!
Elder O`Reilly

So there is that. So yeah, new companion! He is way cool, he was the AP for 4 transfers before now. We get along really good thus far, yep. He is an incredible missionary and so I`ll be able to learn a lot from him. He is really good at just talking to people and starting conversation with people that are complete strangers, which is hard for me still.

Anyway, our investigators are doing really well. We had a ping pong event thing on Friday, which a bunch of people were supposed to come to...... 二口兄弟 came, and then we waited for quite a while and eventually 可奈子姉妹(Sister Kanako) and her friend,  遥姉妹 (Haruka) came. So it was just the four of us. Still really good and we were able to share a spiritual message with 遥姉妹, who we haven`t been able to meet with recently.

Conference! It was really fun. Went up to 下鴨, (shimogamo) at the kyoto stake center. Like 10-14 missionaries were there. Watched in English in our own room and slept the night at the shimogamo HOUSE. yeah, the missionaries there have a house. 2 floors and everything just for the 2 of them. crazy. Anyway that was way fun.

So I think I`m going to keep these E-mails down to about an hour, so I`ll be wrapping up now. Today just planning to relax and catch up on some letters. ^^

じゃあ、またねぇ!(Hey, see you later)
愛しているよ!  (I love you!)

~オーライリ長老  (Elder O'Reilly)

Last P-Day we went to Kyoto Train Station! Way cool place!

                         The design is way cool.
A shrine like thing near the station. With my District leader last transfer.
Another shot at the Station. With Elder Allen,
companion of Elder Barney, my district leader last transfer.
View from the top of the 駅. (station) We had a steak up there with a member.
Yeah, on the 11th floor. Was it a good steak? why yes, yes it was.
The member who bought us the steaks. Sorry, only picture I have of him.
 The guy closest to the camera. Yeah, I know, he is facing the wrong way. haha

The sun looked like the Moon one morning! way weird!
I was trying to decide if it was the sun or the moon at first
 but then it got brighter right before this pic.

A pic of the Shimogamo house. Yes, I know it is a horrible picture
 that doesn`t really show anything. It is the only one I have though......

New companion. Just took this pic 2 seconds ago. haha.
He's my  new district leader.

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