Monday, October 8, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 12: Bold Virtue! 大胆な徳!

TRANSFERS!! AHHH!! Results? I am staying! yeah!!! My companion is leaving to go 2 areas to the west! And my new companion is Boice 長老. Who is the AP right now. What. haha. That was a shock a little bit. So he is supposed to be an incredible missionary. Because he is the AP, he was the one who called us and told us about transfers.

`....and Elder O`Reilly...... can you cook?`

`ummmm..... yes......`

`Good, because I can`t! `

Haha. It was a bit of a shock. The Zone leader and the District leader had lead me to believe that it was highly probable that I would be a trainer this next transfer. haha. So yeah, I have seen him and he has taught a lot of things to the whole mission, so I know who he is, but other than that don`t know much. The transfer is Thursday, so I`ll know a little by next E-mail. haha. ^^

So the highlight of this week was P-Day with 森村兄弟。 It was WAY awesome! We went to a castle, also to 銀閣寺, and ALSO to some incredibly beautiful place which name escapes my mind. I took over 250 pictures, so I`ll try to pick some good ones.... lol. He also took us out to Lunch and Dinner. It was basically the best P-Day ever. Actually one of the best days ever. He is a way fun guy to be around. He really enjoyed spending time with us as well, and we were able to talk a lot about the Word of Wisdom and other similar topics just as friends for a day. Really great time. Pictures to follow.

Other than that, we had an exchange, taught 6 lessons, and just had an awesome week. 二口兄弟 is still progressing towards baptism, but he is SUPER busy so we can`t meet often. We have taught him everything and he is still coming to church every single week and he has read all the way up to 3rd Nephi! but Tithing he says might be a problem. If that is overcome, he will be baptized as soon as possible! (but not this week, especially because it is General Confrence) 森村兄弟 is making excellent progress. We had a lesson with some members who had drinken a ton of Tea before their conversions, and they were able to answer a lot of his problems and concerns. We are meeting with him again tonight. ^^

So, General Confrence! it will be this week, Saturday and Sunday, in Shimogamo. Not sure if I will hear it in English or Japanese yet. If investigators are going, it will be in Japanese. They aren`t sure if they are coming yet.

Today for P-Day we will be going to Kyoto with our district, and going out to eat and such. Should be fun.

Well, I`m excited for the next adventure!


(and just a few pictures for you... haha)
Me and Morimura

At castle entrance. Unfortunately some of it was being remodeled, but still way awesome.

My companion and 森村兄弟

A tower in the corner of the castle grounds. awesome.

The garden around the castle was incredible!

Castle moat.

Castles in Japan are awesome....


Castle gardens.

From the top of the castle.

I thought this was a good pic. haha ^^


I don`t know what we are doing here...... haha.

OK. last moat picture I promise.

Entrance (and brother Morimura)

Me! still entrance.

The building itself.

SAND is really cool here. Rock garden type stuff. Way cool!

Rock garden.


From up higher

With some rock garden visible.

The last place we went. Incredible place. Aquaduct that goes on forever!!

Really cool to just walk around.


My desk. So you can see where I study. haha. maybe I`ll take a better pic next time.

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