Monday, October 22, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 14: insert awesome title here!

First of all sorry about the title. Been really busy so I haven`t been able to study the next Christ-like attribute in depth yet, probably the attribute of Patience. So be Patient. haha.

WOW. This week was incredible. 二口兄弟 (futakuchi) passed his baptismal interview!! He is going to be baptized this Sunday! I will be performing the ordinance. It is so amazing to talk with him and see how prepared he is. I will of course send pictures next week. ^^

Ok, low on time, here is my president`s letter, explains the week pretty good.

Its been a great week. We are finding people everywhere and we have many new investigators planned this week. It is going to be great!

We discovered recently that 同志社大学, a Christian College, is really really busy from 4 PM on! we have used this as an opportunity to hand out hundreds of fliers in about half an hour, and to find several potential investigators, who we are meeting at the church this week. We have lessons planned with 3 new investigators this week, and 1 return appointment for a new investigator from last week!

Most exciting of all, 二口兄弟 passed his baptism interview on Friday! We are holding the service this Sunday. We are really excited and the ward is too. It has been a long time since 城陽 has seen a baptism, but it is about to have its first of many! We met with him after church on Sunday, and he is ready and excited. Everything is looking quite good. ^^

Well, there should be many good things to report next week! I`m excited for the miracles the Lord has in store for us this coming week. I`m going to work hard so I can see them!

Elder O`Reilly

So other than that, we went on an exchange! I went to the 下鴨 house near 京都, and we actually got to work around 京都大学, the 2nd best university in Japan! so that was pretty cool. Everyone we talked to was pretty smart. haha.

Well, Next week should have many new investigators, a ward Halloween party, sushi with 森村兄弟、another exchange, and a baptism! Woah! sounds like its going to be a good week! Get ready for it!




So I thought my comp was almost done, but looks like I have some time. ^^

District meeting. It was in Otsu, because the district is different areas now! We have 6 members of our district, and my comp. is the District Leader. So that means that I go on a lot of exchanges because he has to go on one with all the district members and the zone leaders. haha.

Otsu is a cool area. For some really bizarre reason, though, everyone wanted to eat at a place nicknamed by missionaries `the Dirty`. It was dirty. Apparently missionaries have seen stray cats exit the kitchen. umm. Why are we going there? haha. I don`t know any other place that messy, Japanese restaurants are usually Way clean with excellent service. Well this place was a little less like that. haha. The food was cheap, though! I got a huge plate for about the equivalent of $7. cabbage and からげ ( a fried chicken sort of deal, but it tastes way better than fried Chicken.) Honestly though, the からげ at 7 11`s is better. (did I mention those are everywhere??? they have some good stuff!) Anyway, I hope we choose somewhere else next time. haha. I saw a すき家 that was even closer, which is always a favorite, they just serve beef on rice with something else on top, depending on what you order. (牛丼)

Anyway, Way excited for this week! not sure what we are doing today yet, but we have a lesson tonight with a new investigator! Pray that he feels the Love of God! ^^

京都駅!(kyoto station!) Huge, awesome, etc! haha.
Went here three times in 2 days because of an exchange right after a district meeting. fun stuff. ^^

Breakfast! Nashi is sooooo goood.
It is thick toast with egg, cream cheese, mayo, and beef. yummmmmm

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