Monday, November 5, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 16: As the cold sets in, the fire still burns bright! 寒くなているのに、火事が熱心に続けます!

 (ok,ok, I know the Japanese is probably bad. give me a break.)

So it has began to drop in temperature rapidly here in 京都, down to temperatures around 11 (C). Feels great actually, since we have to wear a suit coat anyway! ^^

Monday we met with new investigators. They are awesome! We were planning to bike with them from a 7- 11 to the church, about a 20 minute bike ride. but.... they didn`t bring bikes. We explained to them it would take an hour to walk to the church. Alright, lets go! and so we went. haha ^^ . We walked with them all the way to the church and gave a tour and explained to them about God and the purpose of meeting with us. They were excited to meet with us and we set up a return appointment for last Saturday! One of them is Christian, and he brought his Chinese friend to the lesson with him. Both of them are now progressing investigators and doing well! It is test week this week, but we will meet with them again after that to answer more of their questions. (They have awesome questions! most people just tell us they have no questions.... which is a bad sign.)

Tuesday to Wednesday was an exchange! I went to 近江八幡, which was..... fun? haha. The elder I was with was on a small bike because his bike had a flat, and after riding from the apartment for 15 minutes, he got a flat on the small bike. So we walked it back. After that, we got some good time in, but it started raining and the elders there don`t know the area very well, having just white-washed it. So it was kind of a rough night, but fun all the same. ^^

Wednesday was Halloween! I actually didn`t realize until I was back in my area around 6 O`Clock by the mall. They were putting up Christmas decorations. I was like, What, it is not even....... oh wait. Today is Halloween. And they are putting up Christmas. hmm. cool? haha. The only costumes I saw were a couple girls in Santa attire. haha. so it didn`t really feel like Halloween. But Christmas is better anyway, so I didn`t feel like I was missing anything, haha.

二口兄弟 is still stuggling getting the faith to be baptized. Hopefully something will change soon, he is trying to make things work, but he thinks some things to be hard to overcome as of yet. Hopefully he`ll be back on the right track soon.

Well, Another week awaits! This week I get to go to Osaka for a Combined Zone meeting! And I am going on another exchange, but that happens every week now. haha.



Our 2 new investigators!

Lots and lots of biking.......

English class!

Oh, I forgot to say we talked with some people while eating on campus at a university......
uh....... make up an interesting story for that one.

We caught them taking our picture. My companion fought back. haha.

The college in our area! way cool place! it is a christian school

Spencer sent me this! Don`t understand meaning yet?
 but looks awesome! hanging by my desk! haha. ^^

The Japaense moon. Looks very different from the American moon. Was it a full moon on Halloween over there? It was here! and it  was red! but I didn`t get any pics of it when it was red.......

Zone conference in Kyoto! (yes, we are having 2 in a row. crazy right?
 next one is a joint one though, so more people)

Another great day planned. ^^

and finally...... I had my camera while next to this fantastic establishment.
Baby Face Planets. We have 2 of these in my area.
 Never been inside, but it is easily my favorite place. haha! ^^


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