Monday, November 26, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 17: Revelatory power. 啓示の力。

November 11, 2012

Hello Everyone! Hello to my parents and brother in South Africa! ^^

Lets see. 7 days. How much can really happen in 7 days? Well, its a lot more than I can tell you about.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! stores are all decorated and I am hearing Christmas music EVERYWHERE. haha. Taught a lesson with a new investigator in a restaurant with soft Christmas hymns in the background.  Very nice. ^^

This week started to get crazy on Thursday. We went to Osaka for Zone meeting!! WOW! Osaka is awesome! It is very very different than Kyoto. The way that I`ve heard it is `If you want to sight see, go to Kyoto. If you want to play, go to Osaka.` and That`s the truth! It`s a HUGE city, just crammed with people. Maybe it was just me, but there seemed like there were a lot more people than Kyoto. The Zone Meeting was awesome. It was also over Eight Hours Long. haha. Way inspiring though. Basically we were told to do everything we do through revelation. Then we will be able to see several miracles a day. We were even invited to seek specific revelation, like a name or an address of someone we are supposed to find. I`m excited for the miracles this will bring. ^^ On the way back from Osaka, we went to a McDonalds by Osaka Station, and it was definitely the coolest McDonald`s I`ve ever seen. Gosh, probably one of the coolest places to eat I`ve ever been in. Pictures to come. haha. ^^ I hope I get a chance to serve in Osaka in the time I`m here.

Friday, we went on an exchange in Ootsu. Also a really cool area. No where near as big as Osaka obviously, but definitely more city-like than the area I`m in. Went across a bridge on my bike across the biggest (?) lake in Japan. Way awesome place. Every time I go on an exchange, I see how much I`ve learned from my Companion. I`m able to help out quite a bit. ^^ Working with a previous assistant to the president is quite the awesome opportunity. He is a great Guy.

Saturday we returned to Joyo. We were SOOO tired. We got a call from a member who lives about 35 minutes from our apartment by bike and so we went over to help her with something. It was already dark out, since we got back from Ootsu in the late afternoon. Afterwards we were streeting nearby. But we were zombies. Zombies don`t make good missionaries if you ever wondered. Nobody really wanted to talk to us and we had no energy. It was actually kind of funny. Probably just because we were tired though. haha.

Sunday we went to Shimogamo for Stake Confrence! Way cool to see all of Kyoto Stake. But we were even more like zombies. haha. Traveling around so much really wipes you out. Last night though we asked for a specific location of where to find an Elect. We went to the place we felt, talked to a guy, and set up an appointment for Tuesday! The power of revelation is no small matter. ^^

Well, next week we have appointments set up with 4 new investigators and 4 return appointments, and its only Monday. Looking like a pretty great week! ^^

Until next time,


OSAKA. Right off the Station.

McDonalds. I know,right?
 McDonalds is always where the cool people are. haha.

I love Bamboo......

Got to get to the next appointment........ haha.
This is like 2 minutes from our apartment.

Can you blame us? it`s a pretty tempting shortcut.....

In Osaka Station. It is HUGE like Kyoto station, but not open like Kyoto.

THE BRIDGE!..... no, of course I`m not taking pictures
 while riding! That would be crazy!

Me being excited about the bridge.........
Don`t worry, I cut my hair yesterday. I don`t look like that anymore. haha. :P

Pretty fun to ride across. 

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