Monday, November 26, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 18: Transfer calls. 転勤発表

November 18, 2012

That`s right! Its Transfer week! And guess what? I don`t know if I`m staying or not. haha. Transfer calls were delayed one day. Transfers is still on Thursday though. So next week I might be in Joyo still, or I might be anywhere. crazy.

Well, it was an incredible week. First of all, here is an excerpt from my letter to president:

It has been another fantastic transfer. I really love this area, the ward, the people, the places. It seems impossible that I could love the work in another area as much. But I haven`t served anywhere for longer than a day so I don`t really know, haha. I`m sure that God loves all the areas, so it will be an incredible experience in any of them.

As usual, miracles are abounding here in Joyo. ^^ The elect are being found, and they are bringing their friends along with them. This Wednesday, 二口兄弟 is going to be baptized! No, it is not just because it is the last day of the transfer. haha. It just so happened to be the day everything worked out. This week is already looking like it will be something I can remember as a great moment in my life. The ward is really excited, and the work is about to explode here in Joyo. God knows the potential this area has, and it is great.

I went on another 交換 this week. With Meyers 長老 this time. He is a great Elder. He is always upbeat and positive, and together we were able to feel the power of revelation in Omihachiman. We were guided to a home in which the father had passed away recently. They need this gospel, and they are willing to meet with the missionaries occasionally. Overall, it was a great, faith-building exchange.

Well, I await transfer calls tomorrow, and I know that the Lord has great things in store for me, as he does for each that he calls.

So yeah! Baptism! This Wednesday! \(^o^)/  If I do transfer, it will be on the last day of the transfer! I wonder if the reason I go to my next area will be as obvious as this. I found 二口兄弟 on my first day here in Joyo, and I`ll baptize him on what might be my last day here.

This week all the return appointments went really well! We have quite the good group of investigators! ^^ One of them even brought a friend who is interested. Things are really going well. Our new investigator appointments were a little flaky and only one of them ended up becoming a new investigator, but he is awesome! He speaks super super formally and in a deep voice and he is just really epic. He is also a genius  We would tell him something and he would connect all the dots and be like, so that means ---------, right? uh.... yes..... it does...... are you elect? haha.

We gave our Christian investigator ( we call him Hiro, he was one pictured a couple weeks ago) a Book of Mormon, and he asked us, is this true? Yes, it is. Than I have to study it, right? uh...... yes. yes you do. haha. The people we are finding are so prepared!

Well this week I will be going to a 焼肉 place with an English Conversation Class student (today), Thanksgiving dinner with a ward member tomorrow, and a Baptism on Wednesday followed by transfers on Thursday! So it should be pretty exciting! You all should probably just wait by the computer all week to find out what an awesome week I had!! haha ^^. Don`t actually do that though. Do something useful. haha.

Love you all! 愛しているよ!


These fish are so cool! haha.
 There are some cool colored ones sometimes too.

A small garden we found in the middle of the city in Shimogamo. Way cool.

 This bridge was pretty awesome.

See, sometimes cool colors. 

We went with the Zone leaders and the Sisters,
and I was the only one who had already been there.... I think.....

秋。 Autumn in Japan is incredible.

Yep, went back to the same castle. 

日本。Good morning. Here is the rising sun.
And I`m among the first in the world to see it here in Japan.

城陽。 Oh Joyo.  What if you could look out the back window and see this?
It would be awesome. I know because I did. haha. ^^

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