Monday, February 18, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 31: Wait for it....... ちょっと待って。。。

So I have a new companion now. A sudden drop in level of responsibility... kind of nice actually, not so much stress all the time. I still stress out too easily. I`ve been able to refocus myself and overcome a lot of my stress this week. So that is good. I`ve been able to allow myself to enjoy the work a lot more. Also, with less stress, my studies have been more effective and my speaking ability has increased.... even in just 3 days I`ve noticed.  It also has a lot to do with the really epic zone conference we had last week. Like I said before, I`m not going to say what it was specifically about, but it affected every part of my missionary work. I`ve gained more confidence, become more effective at stopping groups of people on the street, and my language ability is just soaring. Gift of tongues for sure!

My new companion and I get along fine. As long as my companion likes hard work, we get along fine usually. ^^

So numbers-wise, not the best week ever...... in fact, it was the worst week ever. ummm.... literally. I was a little surprised by that. Transfers takes a little bit of time out of the week, but still!  Well, can only go up from here! I can feel the Lord`s hand in the work. Just yesterday, I stopped the first guy I saw after church on the way to the apartment for lunch, and just straight-up invited him to church, without saying much else. He said sure! and we traded numbers and then he agreed to hear more about the message! so pretty exciting. We`ve had a few experiences like that and we will see how they turn up this coming Sunday.

Well, other than just talking to a billion people, we went to the Hirokane family`s place for dinner yesterday! It was way good. Japanese pizza. It has good stuff on it, like eggs and corn and such. Way tasty stuff. They are such a great family.

So yeah...... wait for it......... and when I say that, I mean the big stuff. Because It didn`t happen this week. I know the Lord`s vision for Japan, for Fukuyama, is just around the corner. I just have to DO it.

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

A sunny day by the church.

Pretty cool!

It is raining today a little....... haha. Ok, its raining a lot.
This is the view from Fukuyama apartment. Yeah, the view from Joyo was WAAAYYY better.

The pizza just kept coming!

I played a quick game of Battle ship with one of the sons. It was fun ^^ I lost. You can`t see him in the picture. haha.

There he is!

Dinner with the Hirokane`s is always way fun!

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