Monday, February 25, 2013

日本の冒険!What you have been searching for is in front of you 捜し求めていた答えは、あなたの前にある。

Ok, the title sounds better in Japanese. I promise.

Alright, well I don`t really want to tell you about this week. It wouldn`t be all that exciting anyways.

But I do want to tell you the true power of some things you probably already know about.

So. I`ve been learning much through observance, thought, and experience. It is curious how something you thought you knew all along can end up being completely foreign to you. Even something as basic as a Christ-like attribute, or a scripture mastery can present ideas that have never occurred to you before.

I, along with many others I am sure, have often just looked for what secret I am missing. What I need to do in order to perform mighty miracles,  to perform works such as missionaries of old. I don`t believe that it's just because the Lord doesn`t want to bless the people right now, that it is not in His time. The Lord loves the people too much to allow them to suffer in darkness any longer. Nor do I believe the Lord is just `Testing my faith`. Perhaps these excuses are occasionally valid, but I think they are perhaps used too often to push the blame for lack of mission success onto the Lord. The reason perhaps, is as the Lord explained himself, to his disciples.  ( I don`t remember the reference right now) When they asked him why they were not able to cast out the evil spirits and Christ was, He told them that it was because their Faith was insufficient. These, the very men who worked along side the Master, did not have sufficient faith. There is no secret I am missing.  The power of God can work through me. The book containing the fullness of the gospel is at my disposal.

Well, in short, I think perhaps the reason we don`t see as big of miracles today is because people have become afraid to admit to weakness. They have contented themselves with excuses that lead to nothing. I am no exception. If we were to accept our nothingness and depend fully on the Lord, then we would be living in a time full of miracles. It is curious that only once we have accepted our nothingness and humbled ourselves, we become the most powerful.

Yeah, so nothing too crazy happened this week. Had an exchange with Elder Ogasawara again, which was cool. A guy came to church, but wasn`t too impressed. We had a good number of appointments set up, but they all canceled. I suppose it is a sign that we need to prepare ourselves a little more before the Lord will trust us with His Children. Time to get to work then. ^^

This week there will be a special ALL MISSION meeting, in OSAKA. Pretty exciting. We have to leave the night before, and stay the night in Sekime, the heart of the craze that is Osaka, and in the morning leave for the meeting in Abeno. So should be pretty good.

Well, I`ll do my best to prepare myself quickly, because the Lord has more in store than what we saw this week!

Love you all.
Elder O`Reilly

We went to the castle again. Pretty cool.

Here is some random red-haired guy in front of the castle, just in case you wanted to see him.

somehow still pretty in the winter.

Me at the kurashiki church again.

Why do I love bridges so much? haha. This one is in Kurashiki. (neighboring area)

This is what we did at service this last week. uhh...... yeah, I don`t really know either. That`s my companion.

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