Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 66: The right direction よい方向に向ける

Hello everyone!

So we had Zone Training Meeting this week, so me and my companion gave training to 20 missionaries for 2 hours. (President Zinke himself came and trained for an hour afterwords) and then we had our regular interviews with president. With so many missionaries, it took all day.

Yet again, we had a couple lessons drop and didn`t get to teach very much. kind of a bummer.

With preparing for ZTM and an interview with president, I had time to think a little bit.

We are all in different places in our progression. None of us have reached perfection. However, as I recall my mission president saying at one point, `With an eternity of time, it does not matter the rate of our progress. It only matters the direction we are in`.

Are we always facing forward?

Reviewing my past week and finding things I can do better this week, I feel like I am facing the right direction.

Although I am still far from my destination, I know where I`m going and how to get there. Working little by little to align my life with the Savior`s, my desire to serve those I am called to is purer and stronger than before.

Those that I teach and interact with everyday need help to find that right direction. I have been born and raised in the church. I`ve learned over 20 years the divinity of Prayer, the Sacredness of Scriptures, and the importance of Church, particularly taking of the Sacrament. Most of the people I begin to teach have never prayed, regard the scriptures as an old book of little value, and think Church is the place you go to when someone gets married. By helping them realize the importance of these things in their eternal progression, they can gain real direction and their desire to one day return to God becomes stronger and purer.

Reading the scriptures, Praying to God, and going to Church are things many of us have done and realized the importance of doing from a young age. That knowledge is such a blessing. Its not easy to help someone catch up on 20 years of experience they have been missing.

I`m eager to dive into the work this week. I really want to bring the power of the Atonement to the people here. They need it more than they can possibly imagine! (especially since they think they don`t need it. haha)

Love you all. Don`t take today for granted, you only get one today. ^^

Elder O`Reilly

One day the sky turned GOLD after a rain. Way cool.

Prepared for ZTM with 22 missionaries (us included). I translated for President`s training. Kind of fun actually.

A GOLD SKELLETA! (If you don`t know what that is, ask any one who has played Zelda, haha.) These things are everywhere, ranging all sizes up to about the size of my palm.

The missionaries in Matsuyama. A FOURTEEN year old member drew this in TEN minutes while we watched! haha. Can you see which one is me? (top right)

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