Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 67: The Power of the Spirit 御霊の力

So. It was a good week.

We went to Uwajima this week to go on an exchange with the new district leader, Elder..... Hunt! yes, the same one that was my companion in the MTC, and in Fukuyama. I was able to work with him again for one day. We`ve both changed so much. It was pretty cool to see how far we`d come. We got yelled at pretty loud once actually. We were so shocked. Didn`t even say anything, they just yelled and slammed the receiver down. (they were talking through the little speaker boxes they have here) haha. People are usually so nice we weren`t even offended, just plain shocked. haha.

Have really been working on being more sensitive to the spirit. Honestly, its an eternal pursuit, so I`ve been working on it for.... quite some time. haha. After a few weeks of a few unfortunate happenings with investigators, things should start picking up fast now.

Sundays are the best as a missionary. Its like seeing the results of faithfulness throughout the week. Its when the good miracles happen.

Well, we were knocking on some apartment doors around 7PM last night, and we knocked on one on the fifth floor of this one building, and this guy answers the door. Incredibly enough, he had met with Mormon Missionaries 25 years ago. He explained that he was Buddhist, and it didn`t result in anything. While I might have blanked out of things to say at this point, what I should tell him was clear to me. after a short explanation, he invited us in, right on the spot.

After we got in, we were talking to him. He is soooo awesome. He already has really high values like a member does, and he already really respects Jesus Christ, even though he is Buddhist. I shared a quick message about the restoration (which isn`t actually the orthodox first message for Japanese investigators, but I felt impressed to include it), and he was interested. He really realized that our message was different. We set up another time to meet this week.

Meeting with him was so great. He has been seeking the truth it seems.

The Lord prepares his Children. His love for them burns so bright. It can flow through us to them and help people embrace the truth. The Gospel is so true. I am so glad to have the opportunity to bring the power of the Atonement to the people of Japan.

I love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

Most rain I`ve seen in Japan yet. This week it was a crazy typhoon. Rain CRAZY for 2 days straight, with no let up.

We got a car ride back to Matsuyama because the members were going there for a stake conference type thing anyway. (but its not a stake yet)  Way cool view the whole way.

This is me and comp. in an awkward picture because my mom wanted one. haha. Sorry its soooo awkward.

This is me being a newscaster in Japan. haha. I always tell people I want to be a newscaster in Japan, because then they give me good feedback and help with learning Japanese. (otherwise, they just say, oh, your Japanese is perfect! you don`t need to improve at all!).  Most of the missionaries in the mission know that I say that to get Japanese feedback, so I sent this in for the end of the year video. haha.

By the way, going to Kobe today again. Mission leadership council again! Its only been 2 weeks since ZTM, but its ZTM again on Friday.

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