Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 64: Around the world and back again 世界中に周って、また帰ってきた。

So we had Mission Leadership Conference, which means a long bus ride to Kobe, an 8 hour meeting, and a long bus ride back to Matsuyama. Takes Monday night and all of Tuesday. But its awesome.  Got back, stayed in the area for Wednesday and Thursday, and then off to Kouchi for a companion exchange with the district leader! He is our district leader, so the thing I mentioned last time doesn`t apply here.  Elder Ogasawara is a great missionary. Actually, When I was in Fukuyama he was in Kurashiki, so I have worked with him before. ^^ I sent some pics of him when we went to the bikanchiku in kurashiki I think.

So about 12 hours of bus riding this week. TOO MANY HILLS!!!! haha. but seriously. On the way back from Kouchi, I got front seats, and it was a pretty awesome view.

The zone is doing great. lots of progress this transfer. (the last 6 weeks). Still a long way to go, but I have some good feelings about the coming transfer.

We got transfer calls. Me and Elder Dickson are staying. (only the 3rd time that`s happened my entire mission, the other two times were Elder Hale and Elder Hunt) Also, sister missionaries are coming to matsuyama, and they formed a new district in the zone, making it a 3 district zone. Elder Hunt, my companion from the MTC and in Fukuyama, is going to be my district leader. Kouchi is no longer in my district (still in the zone), and kouchi is a district by itself now (now they don`t have to make the 2.5 hour bus ride to and from matsuyama every week.)  A few new missionaries coming into the zone, and it should be another fantastic transfer.

I`m loving the work, and looking forward for all the many opportunities I`ll have to bear testimony and work through the spirit. Guys, the Gospel is sooooo true. It changes people and in the end it will save us all!

Love you all!

 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The district. (matsuyama, kouchi, uwajima(sisters))

INTO THE MOUNTAIN!!!!! VERRRRRY common site on the way to kouchi.

Between tunnels.


...... into...... another...... tunnel..... (actually a pretty cool picture)

IN THE TUNNEL! haha some of the tunnels took like 5 minutes to get through.  The bus driver (if he could see me, which I don`t know if he could) probably thought I was crazy. Its hard to take pictures out of a bus. I had to take tons to get cool ones like these.)

So imagine this for 2.5 hours and you have the bus ride to Kouchi. ^^

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