Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 89: 100 miles 100マイル

Sooooo...... for preparation day we got permission to go with some investigators to a place called muroto. Its in Kouchi prefecture, but kouchi prefecture is pretty big. We left the apartment at 6:30 AM and got back at 8 PM. WOAH.  it was over 100 miles round trip. IN ONE DAY. But was good for relationship building since they both have high potential for baptism.

I`ll send pictures next week, don`t really have time this week. but gosh was it awesome. The south east tip of Shikoku.

I am soooooo tired. That was what..... 4 marathons?!? yeah.

We had a bunch more lessons this last week. And we had a move-in to the branch! So it is looking like we will fulfill the requirements for a ward very very soon.

The Lord truly loves the people here. Lots of good things coming up soon.

Love you all!


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