Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 94: Start of the End 終わりの始まり

Today marks the first week of the last `transfer`. Most missionaries get 16 but I get 17. ^^  One transfer is 6 weeks. (I won`t transfer or get any more companions!!!! I LOVE KOCHI! haha was so glad to see all 4 missionaries in the area are staying for my last transfer)

My companion from the MTC and all those people go home this week. 17th transfer missionaries will only be me and 2 others. Woah, its like I`ve been here a while or something.

Looks like I`ll be going out with a bang though! we had more lessons than ever, got 6 new investigators, and, of course, biked hundreds and hundreds of kilometers. It was a great week!

Met twice with the new investigator from English class. (She is a TV announcer, how cool is that??) and with the family living in Konan. Also the Filipino guy we met with and he is way cool.

Excited for another great week!

By the way......   Next week I have a meeting on Monday, so I`ll email on Tuesday. Don`t freak out. haha.

Bore my testimony yesterday. I talked about how we can show our faith in various ways. When I first became a missionary, I loved biking to far places and seeing all the cool landscape. In Kochi however, a long bike ride just starts getting ridiculous. When I feel impressed we have to go to some distant place, It takes faith to do that and enjoy it, even if it means an hour bike ride. But the Lord blesses me for that faith! The Lord can provide new investigators in no time at all. We just need to take time to show our faith to the Lord.

Doing those things that we are not so excited to do, because we know they are right, is probably the best way to show our faith.  And the Lord blesses us in ways we would never have thought of!

Love you all!

Elder O`Reilly

(sorry no pictures this week)

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