Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 97: Apostle Visits Osaka 大阪使徒訪問

I turned 21 in the city of Ibaraki, Osaka. Same place I turned 20. Curious. ( May 24th in Japan, 23rd in California, where I was born)  all the travel took a ton of money and 10 hours of travel. ouch. But it was fun. I went out to sushi with my companion on friday. (wasn`t able to finish 21 plates... only got to 15 :(  )  On Sunday the branch President`s wife baked me a cake! and we ate it at the apartment. It was way good. The members here love us. They are the best!

Elder Chirstofferson came to Osaka! it was awesome. He shook each of our hands and had a question answer session. There were 250 missionaries and only 1.5 hours, so only a few questions got answered, but it was still really awesome. The spirit was strong. Wasn`t really anything brand-new I learned, but I feel like I have more direction for my life. Which is usually a good thing to have.

Pretty uneventful week actually. had a few lessons cancel on us, but still taught a bunch. We have a ton of investigators, which is good. When Elder Weir and I came in we had 1 investigator, now we have 18. and we will have more probably this week and the next. So things are good. With some people busy this week, however, we would have to have someone progress crazy fast to get baptized before I go. Which is fine, they will still get baptized and that is what matters. Don`t want to rush a baptism for a stupid reason. ^^

So glad to participate in this great work!

love you all
Elder O`Reilly

Tickets to Osaka and back. (over $400 for the four of us...... I usually buy all the tickets and everyone pays me back. Over my mission I`ve placed thousands and thousands of dollars (at least $10,000) on the counter for missionary bus tickets. everyone better take notes!!!!! haha.)

The further the bus goes, the nicer bus it is. We had some really nice buses.

Crossing the ocean on the bus. Beautiful. (the bridge is way awesome)

Ummm.... sir..... you`ve got a bag on your face...........

Barbeque at the church! Alright!  (by the way..... pumpkin makes way good BBQ.)




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