Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 100: Move forward with Faith 前に向けて信仰を持って進もう

Its all over.

2 years have felt like a whole lifetime in a month. (does that make sense?)

As far as investigators go we weren`t able to meet with all of them before I go, but we were able to meet with a bunch of them.  The TV reporter finally got broadcasted for the first time and so she was busy, and the Filipino guy had to go back to the Philippines for a while.  But it was a good last week anyway.

We had a meal with the branch yesterday, I bore a short testimony and got to talk with all the members one last time. It was good. A bunch of them will see me off Tuesday morning when I get on the bus. Such great members here.

Guess who`s taking my place........!    Elder Hoshino. My Japanese companion when I was in Osaka. He`ll be companions with Elder Wier. I trained them both. haha. Should be fun. I`m excited for them.

I`m excited also to tell everyone about the great things I learned on my mission at my homecoming. Also really sad to leave the mission. It`s mixed obviously, but the time is come. The only thing to do is move forward with faith, knowing that as long as I do so, the path will be prepared to do whatever it is the Lord needs me to do next.

Love you all!

Elder O`Reilly

This guy is great. Had lots of lessons with him at his house.
We had lessons with this guy every week. This last week because I was leaving he took us out to waaaaaaay good sushi. It was soooooooo good. and it was like $200.
I think they serve these fish? it was a really cool sushi place.
We also were fed dinner at another member`s house. Needless to say, I didn`t cook much on my last week. Maybe 2 or 3 times. haha. XD it was great. I don`t know what we are doing in this picture.
Last after-district-meeting-lunch. We convinced our young companions to get the king size. My companion threw it up after. Bad choice. haha.
A sister in the branch made us this delicious lunch! Its is Malaysian food. was way good.

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