Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 98: The end closing in 終わりが迫ってくる

2 weeks left. I can`t believe it. I thought it would never come to an end this soon.

The last 2 weeks will be busy. we are meeting with 3 families (one of 3, one of 4, and starting this week one of 5) and many other investigators. This past week was a slow week, and most investigators were busy, but we will be busy with lessons again this week. Got to make this last 2 weeks some of my best!

The investigators that meet with us, read scriptures, and pray... progress. Everyone else doesn`t. Its that easy.  Read scriptures! Pray! Build faith! I don`t think anyone really understands how important those things are. I`m glad I learned from a young age. As one of our older investigators always reminds us (every single time we visit him) it is a lot harder to learn when you are older. haha. ;)

Elder and Sister Zinke are leaving the mission the same time as me. That`s when they finish their 3 years. They have been a great help to me and brought this mission to new highs. I am so grateful for their service.  We will have a meeting to say goodbye to them on Wednesday in Matsuyama.

The work is great.

Love you all

Elder O`Reilly

I only took one picture this week. A famous food in Kochi. (literally everyone in kochi thinks it is the best thing ever, which it probably is)

Katsuo tataki shio.

Salted bonito (not sure on the english spelling, this is a kind of fish) (flamed on the outside, raw on the inside)

It was way good.

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