Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 99: Happiness to the End 最後まで楽しむ

Woah. I can`t believe I put the number up by one every week for 99 weeks. Next week, my final e-mail, will curiously be exactly 100. Interesting.

It was a crazy awesome week.

We taught the family of 5 this week. They live in the middle of the crazy mountain jungle land. It was a rainy day and the clouds were laying all over the mountains. It was way cool. We drove above the clouds on the highway with a member (its way too far to ride bikes..... would take 3 hours probably just one way!)  The lesson went well, but we won`t meet again for 2 weeks. In other words I won`t meet them again. Such a good family too! haha.

We had a meeting to say good-bye to the Zinke`s (mission president). They go home the same time as me. It was different than a usual meeting, we just sat in a circle and talked. It was really fun. talked about how the mission is now and how it will change. We had a training meeting right before. I translated for both meetings, so I had like 5 hours of simultaneous translation in a row. That was also fun. haha.

This last week we have appointments every day. I also have homework to write to the best of my knowledge the condition of all members in the branch, to leave for the branch leadership. I know this branch`s 300 members better than almost anyone. I`ve biked to visit many many people, I`ve prayed for this branch, I`ve searched the scriptures so that I can strengthen this branch. I love this branch.

There are many people in our ever-growing investigator pool that will eventually get baptized. Right now most of the strong investigators are early on in the process however.

I know I am weak as to the flesh, but through Christ`s atonement, I know that even the weak can do many great and important things, even if those things may appear small to the wise.

So glad that I was able to participate in the work of Salvation in Japan. There truly is no greater work. Although I may be released from my time as a full-time missionary soon, my duty to spread the gospel will never end. The gospel is so true.

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

We went to ryuugado cave! it was sooooo cool. Here is the next best 5 seconds of your life.

The biggest waterfall in the cave is 11 meters tall. Way cool.

It was way big. took an hour to walk through.

Not another zubat!!! haha.

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