Sunday, September 30, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 11: Powerful Humility! 力強い謙遜!

Hey people. Ok. This is a private message to my loving family. Hello. Ok. It is over.

woah. You guys all there still? It seems like I haven`t E-mailed in ages. Right now I am in Kyoto, Emailing right next to my companion and 森村兄弟。(brother Morimura) yeah. So maybe I should back up and tell everything from the beginning.

Monday: 金閣寺。 awesome. Pics to come. Like seriously awesome. Just look at the pics.

Lets see. Hard to remember everything. Um. Oh yeah! Companion exchanges. Tuesday through Wednesday. All 4 of our district went to Fushimi, me and Hale 長老 went by Bike! (ouch. hurt the next couple days. haha. Heavy backpacks and long distance.) It was an awesome exchange. Learned a ton about the guidance of the Spirit. Although we didn`t set up any appointments or anything, I definately felt the spirit guiding us where to go. Exchanges are usually good spiritual boosts. ^^ We also all went to a members home to eat a FEAST. 6 course meal. Basically I almost died. But it was sooo good. yeah. Then we all gave a spiritual message and biked quickly to their apartment through crazy streets. (Big city over there) Anyway, that was pretty much awesome. Headed back the next day.

Friday district meeting in Fushimi. Then we helped them out with lessons because they had overscheduled. So that was cool.

Saturday We went to an English Speaking contest with a member and a referral. It was pretty cool. Some of the English was really good. Some of it was really not. haha. The member we went with had good English. We taught the referral some basic gospel truths and we are planning to meet with him again soon.

Anyway, Yesterday we went to church, and there was a Taiphoon! We had 2 investigators at Sacrament, but then church ended right after the first block, so everyone could get home while it was safe. We were practically forced into a car and left stranded without our bikes at the apartment. Everyone told us NOT to go outside. so. We called a ton of former investigators and such. Later when the storm calmed down a bit we walked to the church and got our bikes. haha. :P The storm was crazy though. In the morning, we looked outside and just saw this HUGE cloud moving VERY fast straight towards us. umm...... its going to rain today, huh? haha.

Today, we are going somewhere with 森村兄弟! He wanted to take us somewhere cool! so It should be a cool day! haha. We have good relationships with our investigators. So since it is P-Day, he wanted to go with us to see something cool. We haven`t decided completely yet. We told him we have to E-Mail first, and he said well lets go together to the one in Kyoto! You have to write your families, and I have to read Manga! haha! ^^ So excited for where ever we go today. ^^ He is super cool and funny.

Me with a gold Palace. Happy.
Well, Out of time. Love you all!

Yeah, I took all these pictures! like awesome stuff everywhere! WOAH!

Yes. I took this. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!
This place is SOOO Awesome.
Looks exactly like one of my desktop backgrounds.

My face covering the awesomeness.

If a fish swims up the little waterfall thing, it is said to become a dragon.
 Near the gold Palace.

Lots of cool stuff around.

Kyoto train station.

The Sunday Storm!

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