Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day Phone Call!

This is Trevor's mom. I just wanted to share an update from our phone call. We were able to call his cell phone at 4pm our time which was 8am the next day for him.

Trevor answered the phone with a Japanese greeting that sounded great and we could tell it was his voice right away! So great to hear his happy voice! We were able to talk for 59 minutes. ;-) 

He told us that he received 3 packages that week and a Christmas card from home on Christmas day! He is feeling the love! He got the package from Todd & Janeen, Jeremy & Emily and ours. He loved the tie from Grandmom & PopPop and the letters from Grandma & Grandpa. Thank you to everyone who sent letters and packages. It is so great to feel the love and support!

We talked about mission life and what the Christmas season is like there. So different and yet he is loving every minute. We asked if he was missing any foods from home or anything and he said "basically, I'm just in heaven."

He sang "Silent Night" for us in Japanese and shared his testimony of Christ (in English). The joy of Christmas filled our home as we listened to our son and brother share these tender feelings of our Savior. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present.

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