Wednesday, December 26, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 23: Christmas in Japan! 日本でクリスマスを祝う!

It was a fantastic week.

So we had a couple lessons we didn`t plan for, which was really cool. We were knocking some doors in one neighborhood and someone actually invited us in for the message right then! which was way cool. We taught half of the family, the other half was busy, haha. We are teaching the first lesson pretty well now as a companionship, I can feel the spirit testifying of the truth of our message. The Mother of the family must have felt it too, because at the beginning of the message she told us this would be a one time thing probably, and by the end she was telling us what time would be best to try to visit. So that was exciting. It was kind of funny actually. We asked if she could come to church on Sunday, and she said she was busy. Then her son said, no, all you do is sleep at that time mom! haha. He was awesome. Then when we asked if we could visit again sometime, at first she said she was too busy really, but her son was like, no, you aren`t THAT busy. haha. You`re awesome yuki-kun!! ( that was his name I think)

We also taught Brother Serita again. He is doing great! His interest is definitely increasing. He went from not having time to visit us to telling us any day is fine with him. So that was also exciting! We are meeting him again tonight (Christmas Eve!) and we are teaching about the kingdoms of Glory. We even have a member to go and teach with us. The Branch is starting to trust us more and more.

We have a baptism this Saturday! Brother Oo really is ready for this. He accepted everything so readily and had very few concerns with keeping the commandments, even though he had to change his life to keep them. He really was prepared for the message!

We had a Ward Christmas party this week! It was really fun. Songs, a Play, and of course food. Really fun to see the whole branch having fun. Unfortunately none of our investigators could come, but there were some ward members friends and some English Conversation class members there.

Funny stories of the week: So we were riding back from the Church one day, and we approached some road construction with a narrow passage, and there were some construction guys carrying stuff through. One of them saw us on our bikes, and called out in a voice worthy of a warning cry of a zombie invasion 「自転車!!」 (Jitensha! BIKES!)  It was way funny. They all ran out of our way like we were zombies about to devour them. haha.

The other one was while we were knocking some doors. We knocked one and this lady answers. She was pretty old. We explain what we are doing and she just says, no, our house doesn`t do that kind of thing. then she looks at my companion, and says `what country are you from? America?` and he says `Yes` and then she looks at me and says, `And you`re Japanese, right?` `uh............. no....... I`m from America too........` haha. It was pretty funny. Then she told us we were really handsome, and then said goodbye. It was a funny experience. haha ^^

Well, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I know I will! We will be having Christmas dinner with a Member and Christmas Lunch with an Investigator, so it should be fun! Crazy to think Christmas is tomorrow, time is flying over here!!

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

I have presents under the tree! I am waiting until Christmas!
 (even though my companion couldn`t wait for his, haha.)

Probably the most festive missionary apartment in the world. (among Elders) haha ^^
 Feels like Christmas!

Well, we didn`t go to the ocean. We didn`t end up having time.
But we did see this one day while crossing a big bridge. Isn`t it beautiful?

The district all together!

The Church in Kurashiki. 2 stories. Pretty cool. This is on the second floor. You never really picture stairs or elevators in a Church until you come to Japan. This church I don`t think has an elevator, but some do, and all bigger churches are at least 2 floors, sometimes 3.

Went on an Exchange this week.... the other Elders in the district live in a house!
2 floors just for the 2 of them! Crazy!

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