Friday, December 14, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 21: Spiritual Power 霊的な力

This week. hmmmmmm. Well, Tuesday was interesting.

So we found a family! They were really nice. Wouldn`t set up a specific date for us to return, but we were excited just not to be rejected, haha. We will return this week sometime and try to set up a specific time.

Also on Tuesday, we were visiting some potential investigators. We arrived at one door. I asked my companion about who lives inside. He said, `This will be fun.` and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and the guy barely looks at us before he says Come in! come in! So we go in.  His apartment has nothing in it but a table, a TV, and a little Shrine-like thing. He was there, 74, and his son was there, about 40. His son was pretty drunk though. We sat down on the floor by the table and he offers us something to drink. We don`t know what it is so my companion looks it up on his dictionary. `Distilled Spirits`. ummmmm...... That`s ok.  We don`t need any. They poured it for us anyway and the son tried to explain to us that we had to drink it. For the most part we just pretended to not understand. He was too drunk to understand why we couldn`t drink it. haha. After a couple minutes, the Mother arrived at the home. She was very helpful in telling the son to be quiet and stop telling us to drink the drink. haha. We were then able to teach a quick lesson. It wasn`t too awesome because the son kept interrupting, but they were very glad we came a shared a message and told us to come back. so..... we will prepare carefully and return sometime this week.

Wednesday. I think I forgot to mention this last time, but here in 福山, we do service every week! It is a really cool opportunity.  We serve at a mental hospital / day care place. It is way different than everything else we do, haha. We come in, introduce ourselves to everyone, and talk to them and such. For the bulk of the time though, they ( the nurses ) asked us to paint a picture while they watched.  At first we were like....... what......? paint a picture......? Then they brought out a big poster with some really cool pencil drawing on it, and a bunch of paint. We were just like....... you want us to ruin this with our awful lack of painting ability....? haha. But we tried our best anyway. It is pretty fun, haha. One of the patients there is able to hold part of the brush handle and kind of help paint it, and so he really enjoys it. I think it just mostly makes them all happy to see strange guys come and paint a picture for them, they seem pretty excited when we come. ^^  The nurses are always telling us how skilled we are at painting, even though we know we are awful. haha.

Thursday we had a meeting in 岡山! (that is the zone I am in) (Okayama). Elder Yamashita (山下) from the 70s came. It was way good. He is actually way young and a really fun guy! He actually focused a lot on Japanese Culture, how we should treat people especially on our first visit and such. There was even a time where (when his wife was talking to us) we all had to leave for 15 minutes and talk to people! It was crazy! There were half the missionaries in the mission talking to people by the church for 15 minutes.  Poor people right by the church probably got contacted like 20 times. haha. Me and my companion said a quick prayer and walked straight for some nearby houses. We knocked on the first door. We talked through the little box thing for a while and then the guy comes out to talk to us. We talked to him for a little over 20 minutes. He told us that missionaries had come before but they hadn`t stayed and listened to him like we did. We got his name and address and then said goodbye, and then booked it back. haha. We got back like 20 minutes after we were supposed to.... they had already moved on without us. haha. We gave the contact to the missionaries in the area after the meeting.

The weekend was crazy... it always is. We taught 4 lessons, did a soccer activity with the ward and investigators and member`s friends, followed by lunch (sukiyaki!! YUM! ^^) at a members home, and a Christmas potluck party at a member`s apartment all in 2 days. Plus weekly planning, which takes 3 hours. haha. It was a little stuffed full.

Tomorrow, I have a district leader training meeting in Kobe. Yes, that is far away. I am meeting in Okayama tonight at 5:30, after an hour and a half train ride, and then taking the long train to Kobe, arriving at about 9PM. Well, good thing I like trains. haha. Sleeping with a ton of missionaries in one apartment is never fun though. They never go to sleep. :P

Well, it should be a great week. You all have a fantastic week. do something crazy. But not too crazy. Don`t want anyone to get hurt. haha ;D

Love you all!

Took this pic after E=Mail last week. Just a random road.
 Roads in Fukuyama often have a little stream next to them. very cool.

Housing adventures. Some big houses were up this little mountain.

This house was like a castle! This is one person`s house!
There was a MOAT around it! I was like.... WHAT?!?!

A random road we were on while biking out far one day

So.... when we went to Okayama, we had to go the night before because it was early in the morning. We got off the train a stop too early. We thought we were a stop too late. We started walking in the wrong direction for 15 minutes. Then I figured it out. And we all turned around and walked for like 45 minutes. Yeah, we were late to arrive that night. haha. But it was fun. This is from a bridge we crossed before we discovered we were going the wrong way. haha. Ignorance is only bliss until your Ignorance is obliterated by the triumph of Truth.

This is......? We don`t know. A member gave it to us at church yesterday. We do know that it is not green beans or soy beans.... but we don`t know what it is. haha. We asked how to eat it and she said you can`t. haha XD. Not sure what we are going to do with it yet. ^^

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