Monday, December 17, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 22: District Responsibilities デイストレクトの責任

Yes. I know the title sounds boring. Get over it. They can`t all be equally awesome. Its raining outside.

So this was a pretty crazy week. Seems like I just E-mailed 2 days ago. haha.

Monday night I left for Kobe. I stayed the night there and had District leader training in the morning. It was a way awesome training. It was really the first time I heard the entirety of my responsibilities as district leader. There were a lot of things I had no idea that I was supposed to do, so now I`ll be a much better district leader. haha.

Nothing too crazy happened the next couple days. We heard a lot of `no thank you` and such. Did Service on Wednesday as usual. I played piano for them a little this time. ^^ I am more than a little rusty. haha. We also assembled a cabinet for them.

Friday was the first district meeting I was in charge of. A whole 60-90 minutes of training that I plan out. Overall, it went pretty well, but there is room for improvement for next week! ^^ I talked a little about having a vision for what we as missionaries want to become, and invited everyone to write down what kind of missionaries they want to be. The missionaries in my District are awesome. There are just 4 of us in the district, but it is an awesome district.

Taught a bunch of lessons and such Saturday and Sunday. Brother Oo, the Chinese progressing investigator, is doing really well! His baptism date is in a week from Saturday. His interview should be this weekend. All things are looking good! It was helpful to have a Chinese member sit in on the lesson on Sunday. It eliminated the time he looks up all the Japanese words he doesn`t know. haha. There is a little bit of a language barrier, but with electric dictionaries and such, we are able to teach.

Sunday night, we were knocking some houses. We first visited a Family PI we had. They didn`t answer the door. The light was on, but probably only the kids were home. So we knocked some houses a little ways away. The last door we knocked, (its always the last one) the door opened, I said we were missionaries, teaching about God. I asked her if she had ever thought about God. She said no. (That is the common answer. Crazy, right?!) I asked if we could share a 20 minute message sometime next week. She said yes. I was so shocked that I forgot to set a specific time! haha. We hear a lot of `no thank yous`, so it was a little shocking. We went back a couple minutes later and set up a specific time for Tuesday, when her family will be all home. We are excited to teach a family tomorrow!

Today we are planning to go to the Ocean! There is supposed to be some historical site there. It is in our area, and we are supposed to use Preparation days to see things like that, so we are planning on going. ^^

Well, a little short this week, but I think that`s all the crazy awesome stuff that happened. ^^ Get ready for next week`s installment of Adventures in Japan! In Japanese! haha. just kidding. Don`t freak out.

Love you all!

I was so excited to see the Akashi bridge out the window while on my way to Kobe!
This is the best shot I could get though. haha.
This is the bridge that was my blog`s original background, before I even got to Japan! ^^

I got a package from the Activity day Girls! I put up this tree right by my futon. ^^
Alright, lets start knocking. ^^

Me and my comp.

We went over a bridge last night. I took a picture. ummm....... yeah.
 Looks cool i guess? Maybe I should have stopped to take it.

My companion. Looks good, huh?

At District Leader Training (photo compliments of Sis. Zinke)

All the District Leaders (photo compliments of Sis. Zinke)
Trevor is on the far right.

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