Monday, January 7, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 25: Doctrine and Covenants 6:34 教義と聖約6:34

New years in Japan. Well, as a missionary that doesn`t really mean anything. We just do the same stuff as always. Except it is a little bit trickier around new years.

New years is definitely a Buddhist holiday in Japan. So people we talked to were a lot more Buddhist then they usually were. It was rather difficult to get anyone to talk to us for any length of time at all and all of our investigators were too busy with new years to meet with us, even though we tried several times to meet with each one.

My companion and I were left with a lot of time to find people this week. We spent the entirety of the week devoted to finding people, in fact.  I had a lot of time to reflect on my purpose as a Son of God, as a Missionary, and as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I had much time reflecting on what it is I need to improve, what I am lacking, where I am placing my own interests before God`s. God has prepared people in this area that I am working in. Why can`t I find them? Aren`t they still prepared even though it is a new year?

God`s ways are not our ways. He knows the beginning and the end, and everything that happens in between. He knows what is best for his children in the area I serve. Upon reflecting on what I need to improve for quite some time, I drew upon the conclusion that perhaps I have not let God prepare me to teach the people he is preparing for me. The Kobe mission, as I have stated before, has received specific revelation for the number of elect people in each area. As the statement that is repeated more than any other statement in the scriptures reads, If you ask, it will be given you. Our area has received revelation that most of the 75 prepared in our area are Families. 56 of them. Therefore, my thoughts reflected on the greatness of my Family, of all I have because of them, and the tremendous blessings my family receives because of this gospel. I thought of the Love that our Heavenly Father holds for each family within the Family of God.  That love surpasses the human capacity to comprehend. If only I could figure out how to share that love with the people that I meet each day. I began to prepare through my studies for how I could share this Love with the Families in the area.

While in the midst of my ponderings,  we were working just last night in a young neighborhood.  I knocked on a door. A little girl opened the door with her little sister right next to her and her Mom in the back. I began to speak to them, but instead of any of the usual things that I said at doors, the Spirit filled my mouth with things I have never talked with people about. I testified of the greatness of the blessings my family has been blessed with and bore witness that she could live with her family forever. I felt that my words had touched her. I felt the Holy Ghost carry the message to her heart. She was a little startled and couldn`t promise a specific time, but she didn`t turn down the message or the invitation to church.

As we trust in the Spirit, day after day, and truly seek to gain power through it, and to have opportunities to teach with the Spirit, they will be given to you.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and for all the blessings that I have. I am glad for the opportunity to share these blessings with all those I come in contact with. I can easily recognize the change my mission is having on me, and I am so grateful for it.

Love you all.

Yeah the snow got pretty intense.
Nothing like a Utah winter storm though. nothing stuck.

Me before leaving one night (P-day, we leave for work at 6).
Amidst my ponderings.

A building we pass a lot.

Got to love those big bridges. ^^

Me being epic with the bridge thing

Woah. This is too awesome or something.

Oh, and we worked by the ocean one day. It is actually not far away.

us by the ocean. I`ve gotten pretty good at taking pictures of myself. haha. ^^

my new facebook profile pic. maybe? haha

The bridge at night

SNOW! what?!?! There was a crazy snow flurry on Thursday!

We worked with Brother Jason all day Thursday! He is way cool!
He is the other foreigner in the Branch, from the Philippines.
He speaks English and Tagalog and pretty good Japanese.

New neighbors moved in next to us, a young Family! They brought us this present. Yeah, cleaning supplies! it was way nice. We got them a present too. We were hoping they would ask us about what we do in Japan or something, because we aren`t supposed to directly contact our neighbors in missionary efforts, but they didn`t. haha.
Maybe they will eventually.

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