Sunday, January 20, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 27: Overcoming Adversity 逆境を克服

So. This week. What changed. Well. Let me tell you.

Not a whole lot. As I strive to always improve myself, seek humility, and rely on the Lord I have found strength. Yet I suppose I am not quite prepared for what the Lord has in mind for me, because I`m not doing it yet.

I am still not a good conversationalist or a powerful teacher. I know that the Lord knows that though. And he called me because of those things, not in spite of them. He calls us to this work because of our imperfections. He calls `the weak things of the world` because they have to rely on him. Well, that I am a `Weak thing of the World` I am sure. So I suppose I am fit to `Thrash the Nations`, specifically Japan. Alright. Now what exactly does thrashing a nation mean and how does one go about doing that.....? haha.

Well, we had interviews this week. In Okayama. First train ride in like 3 weeks. It was good to ride a train again. I talked to President about it a little, and he said many missionaries hit a wall, on about their 5th transfer. Which is the transfer I am on. He said just to make sure I am doing all I can do and just keep pressing forward, and I`ll come out on my 7th transfer OK. uhh..... I wish he had said on my 6th transfer ok.... but he said 7th. haha. Well, I`ll try hard to come out of it before then. :P

I really want to teach someone. A family to teach would be awesome. But anyone would be great. Our investigators we`ve taught in the past we either can`t contact or they can`t meet with us for various reasons. We did have a lesson of sorts this week, but....... the guy we taught doesn`t focus very well..... haha. So pretty tricky to teach much really....

Well, I`m preparing for another district meeting this Friday  and a companion exchange. Lots of stuff to remember as District Leader still, haha. District meeting will be at night, the Zone Leaders are going to be visiting all the districts and doing some training during half of the meeting. (the other half is mine to plan)

Well, love you all. I know that the Lord is preparing me for great things. I am closer to the spirit each day. I sometimes feel the adversary working at me, and he wants to destroy me. Well, if the Lord didn`t have anything in store for me then he wouldn`t want me destroyed so bad. Regardless of what the adversary attempts, it is nothing compared to the power of God, which fills me more and more each day. Nothing can stop this great work from moving forward. D+C 1

Love you all!

Elder O`Reilly

Only 1 picture this week...
Ramen! gooooood stuff.
We went with the priesthood in the branch, and they bought it for us.
 Pretty awesome branch.

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