Monday, January 28, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 28: Trust 信頼

So I`ve begun to change my thought process a little.  In my studies I have discovered a few things. First of all, we don`t know a lot about the spirit world. Secondly, much about angels in general is pretty vague. While the fullness of the gospel is restored, (the gospel being Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end) beyond that, we don`t know a ton.

What we can do is work from what we have. It just so happens that the phrase repeated more often than any other scripture is seek and you shall find. Curiously enough, it is used the most often in D&C, after most of the main revelations, like the Book of Mormon, were already revealed.

It also states in Article of Faith #9, God will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God.

I don`t think that these examples were all listed in modern sources just for the use of the Modern Prophet.

If we ask in the spirit, and with faith, we can have great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God made known unto us.  And when I say `we`, I mean you. I mean me. Just regular people. Just Children of the Almighty God.  If we were to ask in Faith, we would be endowed with the Power of God. The power to do anything. We could become as Nephi (in 3rd Nephi), to whom angels appeared daily to minister to him. We could speak with such power that no one would be able to disbelieve our words. (also 3rd Nephi)

Why is it then that I can`t do those things? Well, time to build my faith some more! Is it really all that much harder to move a mountain than to receive inspiration from the Holy Ghost? I don`t think so. Any difficulty is simply a perceived difficulty.

So, the way my thought process is changing is really just realizing who I am. I am a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Ok...... cool...... what does that mean? I am a Servant of the Almighty God, a Defender of Righteousness among the greatest enemies to the forces of Evil, a warrior endowed with divine power from God to the destroying of the Adversary`s reign in the Vineyard of the Lord. Ok. That is a cooler title. Sometimes it is better to think of it like that, because that is what it truly is. The forces of the Devil are real, and they are deeply embedded in the world. My companion and I alone hold the authority for Convert Baptisms in this area, in which tens of thousands of people live. Apart from us, there is no escape from the devil`s wicked grasp. He is destroying families and bringing people down to an awful destruction. There is no time to be weak in this war of eternal consequences!

Well, I rather enjoyed that rant. I think I gained some things from it as well. Gosh, I miss being able to type all the time. I don`t have time to write this all on paper. So it is good to get it all down somewhere. This week was good. Taught 2 new investigator lessons! Both to previous investigators. One was found in the area book. Good first lesson, but it was just at her front door. Kind of unfortunate.  The other was a pretty cool story. So we were knocking some doors late one night, and one answer, and they say, Oh, the Latter- day Saint missionaries!! Long time no see! Come in!  ..... woah. ok. So they were investigators FORTY years ago, investigating as a young family. They are now in their 70s but still remember the missionaries names, that the center of the church is in Utah, and even a primary song! woah! So we will visit them again this week.

Funny story of the week. We knocked on a door. Heard some arguing behind the door about whether they should open it. Saw a guy look out the window at us (probably about 70 yrs old?) and then eventually, after like 5 minutes, he opens the door. We explain we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and his wife says, We`re ok! ( a common refusal in Japan) but he just says `what was that??` and I say it again, slower. He says `Oh..... that is absolutely not going to work here!` haha. It was funnier in Japanese. He told us, `well, if I get another chance I`ll think about it, but for today,` and he held up an `X`    `no. There may be another chance, and maybe there won`t, but today is no.`  haha. ok. Next time.

Well, I`m going to expect big things this week, so you all expect the same. ^^

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

OK. so we went to this new buffet place for district meeting with the district. OH MY GOSH BY FAR BEST FOOD OF MY LIFE. it has everything. Yakiniku (pictured here, just a huge wall of raw meat you take and bring back to the table and cook), sushi, fried noodles, rice stuffs, ice creams of every flavor, Takoyaki, the list goes on. Pretty cheap too, when it is lunch.

I had a few plates just for sushi. Good stuff.
Just open the cabinet and take as much as you want. my first plate had like 20 or so on it haha.

The other Elders in the district, Elders Rasmussen and Ogasawara.

All you can eat cotton candy as well. Like they really had everything.
I am not very good at making cotton candy.

                                 Sorry I`m always taking food pics. haha. It is the only time I am just sitting there.
                                 I`ll try to remember to take a good picture this week. haha. I`ll probably forget. :P

It all melted by the time we left though. Pretty surprising though.
It has actually snowed a few times, but this is the first stick.
Snow is better than rain, you don`t get soaked. So it is warmer. ^^

Any Zelda fans out there? When we rode by this on our bikes late at night, it looked just like the
grave yard in Ocarina of Time! It was awesome! haha.  I don`t think I`m going to pull any
gravestones and jump down into any ancient tombs though.

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