Monday, March 11, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 34: Out of the Darkness 暗闇から抜く

So my time in Fukuyama is coming to an end. No, that is not the darkness I`m talking about! haha. Fukuyama has been a great area, with so many good people in it. This week we started to figure it out. We found new investigators, taught many lessons, and even set a baptismal date! So the area looks like it has a brighter future. Haha, too bad I won`t be here to see it.

I leave this Wednesday for 泉北 (senboku), which is in 大阪府! Osaka! It was my companion`s first area, so he has told me a little about it. It is also a branch, about the same size of this one. It is in the country of Osaka, but not far from the city. Pretty excited to go there though! My new companion is Elder Duke, and this will be his last transfer.

We had a good week. Probably the most fun thing that happened this week was when me and Elder Burner (during a companion exchange) were knocking some doors in Fukuyama. Some elementary girls saw us and got really excited..... shouting out 外国人! Foreigners! then when we entered their neighborhood, they shouted out 入った! They came in! Then they all followed us to the apartment we were walking to, followed us up the stairs and were shouting out HELLO to us while we were trying to contact the people in the apartment. haha. After that, they wanted us to visit their houses. They kept telling us they lived close. They ran from house to house opening the door and getting their parents to talk to us. It was pretty fun. haha. Unfortunately  their parents weren`t as excited to meet us. But it was a really quick way to find all the families in a neighborhood really fast and have some good contacts that involved the kids. They followed us around (at least 10 of them) all the way until we got on our bikes again. haha. They said my name was weird.

We met with several investigators for the first time in a while, and even had dinner at the Yamazaki`s place (the investigator couple who used to investigate 35ish years ago). Overall a very good week. Teaching lessons is a much better use of time then trying to find people!

Last night we had dinner at the Mizuta`s again. Okonomiyaki, hiroshimi style! It was cool to have it once more before I left. It was my 4th time there. They are an awesome family. I even made some Okonomiyaki. I did better then last time, but still not as good as brother Mizuta. ^^  We shared a little from the first presidency message in the Liahona. (this months Liahona is awesome, right??)

Well, I`ll be E-mailing from a different place next week!

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

The district.

The district again.

Ok. So I discovered the best breakfast ever, and I have it every morning. French toast. With the thick bread that is in Japan. It is way thick, and cheap too. ^^

Went to the same place as before. 美観地区? I think that is what it is called...... It is in kurashiki.

haha. They followed us all they way to the bikes. I asked If I could take a picture first, haha. But they were pretty focused on the weird stuff on our bikes.

Brother Jason (from the Philippines gave us a bunch of eggs since he works at an egg place...... Those brown eggs are HUGE!! bigger than any eggs I`ve ever seen! He gets eggs for free, so we should have asked earlier! haha.

Oh yeah, we had a potluck party at sister Heyden`s apartment. (She is Canadian, teaching English in Japan)
It was pretty fun ^^
The Mizuta`s. Oh, and Brother Jason. Fun night.
Me making Okonomiyaki at the Mizuta`s. Way fun! ^^
 Pretty hard to flip, because they are really thick! I did pretty good though. 
yeah, it was good stuff!

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