Monday, March 25, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 36: The Hand of the Lord 主の御手

So, Baptism Sunday! it was a great service. Brother Akiyama is so awesome, and he loves God with all his heart. His desire to follow God is very strong. We met with him the day before the baptism and showed him Finding Faith in Christ, the movie. He loved it. Said it gave him energy. sounds weird in English, but trust me it sounds great in Japanese. haha. I gave a talk in Sacrament, on the spot. (they told me it was a testimony I was going to give, but than in sacrament announced that I was giving a talk) It went alright. Then after church we had the baptismal service. Me and my companion sang a musical number, the baptismal service was great, and Brother Akiyama gave an awesome testimony about his life changing because of this gospel. I didn`t know Brother Akiyama before 2 weeks ago, but apparently  his life has changed a ton already. He has more motivation and energy and even health than when he started listening. He is a great addition to the branch. He receives the Holy Ghost next week.

We had a pretty great week, but not a whole lot of lessons. This area hasn`t had a new investigator since last November!  But that is going to change. Yesterday, while I was giving a talk in Sacrament meeting, a girl (Anna, a name English in origin, but has kanji as well) comes in and sits in the back. She stays all through the 3 hours of church and even for the Baptismal service afterwords! I talk to her after and she asks me what missionaries do. `We teach people about Jesus Christ`. `Like, who?` `Everyone` `Well can you teach me?` `ummm... yeah. we can do that.` haha. pretty awesome. We have a lesson set up for tomorrow. Turns out she wanted to come learn English, so she came to the church on Wednesday, but we don`t teach at our church. But there was a relief society activity going on, and they told her if she came on Sunday the missionaries would be there. So pretty cool. ^^

We have a few other promising investigators as well. Its time this area saw some success! The Lord knows all his elect, and he knows how they can receive the Gospel. I don`t think it a coincidence that she came on the first baptismal service since August. Things will pick up here pretty fast, as long as our faith is constant. ^^

Love you all
Elder O`Reilly

P.S. Have you seen these?? They are way cool!


This is the pic we put up for the missionary picture at the church. Pretty cool. (haha)

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