Monday, March 18, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 35: Working in paradise 楽園で働く

So Senboku 泉北 is pretty great. It is a really small area. I could ride around the whole area probably 3 times in one day. Probably more people live here then fukuyama though..... not sure. It is what you call a `bed town`. No big businesses or anything.... just apartments. A LOT OF THEM. like more apartment buildings than the sands of the sea kind of deal. I was told that the missionary apartment was really disgusting, but the missionary I replaced cleaned it super good so it is one of the best apartments I`ve been in. The people in this area are super nice, and way easy to talk to. Its not uncommon for people to start talking to us, actually! People think we are awesome. We`ve had people tell us we are cool, 男前, (good looking), and respectable. The members gave us loads of food yesterday, including a huge bag of Chocolate. The members are really impressed with my Japanese and are excited for me to be here, even though I haven`t done much yet. We had a curry party last night at the branch presidents place. We`re having a baptism next week.

ummmm.......... Senboku is a pretty good area.

The branch is pretty small though. It used to have 70 people, but most moved away. There is a 3 story church, with an elevator and everything, but there`s only like 25 people that come at the most. The branch president has 6 daughters and one son, so he is almost half the branch! The chapel is pretty empty on Sundays. I guess we`ll have to baptize a few dozen people and fill it up! (^^)

Me and Elder Duke get along really great. Similar personality types, so we can teach pretty balanced. We`ve only taught one lesson so far though. (we don`t have a lot of investigators yet)

Well, This is a really great area. Excited for things to get going.

Love you all,
Elder O`Reilly

Fukuyama station..... for the last time.
Yeah, it was raining. kind of stinks to transfer in the rain, but turned out ok.

The Church is huge!

Apartment is great! Didn`t have very much food when I got there though. haha. Fixing that today!

My new companion...Elder Duke.
Didn`t give him any warning for this picture. haha.

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