Monday, April 8, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 38

So yeah. Another week went by. doesn`t feel like it!

Spring break ended in Japan last week. The Sakura trees are all turning green. People were busy. uhhh...... yeah. We talked to a ton of busy people. Not much happened other than a few kind of cool contacts. One resulted in a return appointment, for tomorrow.

We did have interviews with president this week. It was in the area north of ours, so we just biked up. He is a really inspiring guy. I`m looking forward to seeing some change in our area.

Well I`m just glad God knows whats going on in our area, because I don`t. There are people prepared to hear the message, I know, but this week we weren`t able to talk to very many of them. I trust that God knows what he`s doing though. Things will work out.

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

SAKURA (cherry blossoms)

So Osaka castle is pretty cool...... but doesn`t have a lot of sakura. This is like all of it. haha. I Don`t know why it`s so popular. Fukuyama castle was almost just as cool, and Nojo castle was cooler. haha. But it was fun anyway.
Way too many people though.

We went to the castle with a few other missionaries and members. You can only see 2 in this picture though, haha.
 Sorry, they are all covered up.

So in Japan this weird thing happens that we call `no weather`. There is no rain or wind. doesn`t even look like clouds. No sun, even though it is middle of the afternoon. Room temperature. feels like you`re inside!....
and yes, the whole area of senboku is covered in parks like this.

Needless to say, the sakura in Senboku is cooler then the sakura at Osaka castle.

The trees are just everywhere!

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