Monday, April 29, 2013

This week...

This week Trevor didn't really write an email... maybe he forgot to hit "send". He responded to our individual emails, but no summary of his week. So, I'll include what he wrote to me...

haha you know I celebrated my 11/12ths birthday! haha. I had cake. ^^

Yeah it was a crazy week! haha. My new area is the middle of no where! But pretty fun.

Oh yeah, my new companion is Brazilian, his name is Elder Tores. and Omihachiman has a lot of Brazilians in it..... haha. Should be interesting.

2 Nephi 2 is pretty awesome! One of my favorites! This morning I read D&C 76.... A pretty epic vision given to Joseph Smith. Have you ever read D&C? This is my first time all the way through.

Love you mom!
Elder Me.

View from Sennan apartment
(where he was for a few nights last week before his transfer)

...and at night

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