Monday, April 22, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 40: ....what? ・・・えええ?何?

So...... this week Elder Duke goes home to America....... Tomorrow. The new missionaries are coming early and the leaving missionaries are leaving early. Transfers is on Friday. I`m...... Transferring.  They are closing Senboku! I was pretty shocked! I`m going back to Kyoto, an area called Omihachiman. I`ve been there before, on a companion exchange. Pretty crazy, right?

Well, kind of crazy week up ahead. With my companion leaving, I will ship my stuff to omihachiman today, go to Sennan for 3 days until tranfers, and then go to Omihachiman. woah.

So yeah, It`ll be a pretty crazy week. It`s pretty sad that Senboku is closing, but for some reason we lost contact with all our investigators this week. And 3 of them didn`t show up to their lessons, which were all scheduled for last Friday. ( yeah, it was kind of a rough day, haha) but I suppose the Lord knows what he`s doing, that`s why the area`s closing for about 6 weeks.

Well yeah, we had a lot of finding time this week, as all of our investigators seemed to magically disappear.... then we had another Curry party on Sunday at the stake presidents place. It was great! they even had a fish that Brother Nishi from the branch had caught yesterday! President Ozaki cut it up right in front of us and then put it out raw, to eat as sashimi. wooooaaahhh. It was SO good. man. Pretty fresh, and very high quality stuff.

Well, packing today! haha. Still quite surprised. I thought they were kidding when they called. haha.

Oh yeah, my new companion is Brazilian  his name is Elder Tores and Omihachiman has a lot of Brazilians in it..... haha. Should be interesting.

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

These are everywhere! pretty cool giant fish things.

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