Monday, April 1, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 37: Easter 復活祭

Easter in Japan is like nothing. Nobody knew it was Easter. So that was kind of unfortunate. I should probably tell everyone in Japan about Christ, so they can celebrate next year. haha ^^

So we taught some new investigator lessons! One to Anna, who showed up to church last week. She`s a really great investigator, and even brought her little brother to the second lesson! She`s pretty great and believes everything we say. I told her she may not be able to believe us on our words alone, so we`d ask her to do some homework to know the truth. But she interrupted me and said できるよ! which is something to the effect of yes I can! haha.

The other new investigator is a business man of a rather large company, (son of the president). He speaks way good English, so the lesson was actually in English. The lesson went pretty well, he told us we should tell it to everyone, because it made him feel really warm inside! We were like.... That is the love of God. It was a pretty cool lesson. He`s really busy though, so we might not meet for 2 weeks.....

Brother Akiyama was confirmed yesterday. It was way cool. The Branch president gave a beautiful blessing, and I was a part of the circle. Way neat experience.

The branch had an Easter meal, and it was way good. Tons of food and not a lot of people..... yeah, I definitely need to baptize a lot of people to fill up this church building. It`s a huge building, but the smallest congregation I`ve seen yet! Yesterday was about 18ish people when Sacrament meeting started.

We went out to 回転寿司 (conveyor belt sushi ) a few times. The members took us out this week and we went with the district after the last 2 District meetings. Man I love sushi. haha. The place is way cool too. You can order anything through this little screen, and it comes out to you above the conveyor belt on a mini bullet train. Way cool!

Well, I love you all and I`m so grateful for the resurrection of Christ. The Moment of Triumph over death. The Victory of the Son over all wickedness. Its time people knew about it!

Elder O`Reilly

So we found this across the street from the church we teach English at. Turns out we just looked at the GPS and there is one right next door to the E-mail place too. Emperor tombs or something?
桜 Sakura. Its beautiful! and its everywhere! I snapped this on the way to church. More pics next week ^^

There was a freak rain storm after we got to the church. Conveniently, we weren`t rained on, the storm didn`t last long.

hahaha. This is on the outside of a mall where there are tons of people outside.
 We work nearby this sign fairly often. Isn`t it great??

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