Monday, June 17, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 47: Plunge into Japan 日本に飛び込む

Having a Japanese companion being in Japan is way different than being with a foreigner. Before I didn`t really notice how people talk to me different because I`m a foreigner but I`m definitely realizing that now! Also constantly hearing correct Japanese pronunciation I`ve noticed where mine needs to improve. That`s probably why people talk to me different. So I`m going to work on pronunciation as much as possible while I have a Japanese companion. ^^

Well my foot`s mostly better and I`ve been doing quite well. Its been crazy humid, feels like walking through water all the time!

Being a district leader again is good. I gave training to my district of 7 on Friday, and I can tell I`ve come far from the last time I was a district leader. I think I really can strengthen my district now! As a part of the meeting, I even (as president suggested) demonstrated how to teach some principles for everyone. The district meeting had a good spirit and I was pleased with the outcome.

So Wednesday, me and elder Hoshino got to teach a class of about 20 people about our age about our church. We did a short presentation and then showed the restoration DVD. Afterwords we broke up into 2 groups and did question and answer. It was way good! 7 people came up after and received a book of Mormon. They all had classes and such though, so not sure if any new investigators will come of it yet.

Tuesday was District leader Council in Kobe! was way fun. I went with the other district leaders in the zone, both of which are Japanese. This zone is way different than my last district, which had no Japanese elders! I really like the opportunity to work with them. District leader Council was great as always, and very helpful to the district meeting on Friday.

This morning we got to teach a lesson already. Its an investigator who's been investigating for a while, but we just emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon and prayer, and went over the Joseph Smith experience again. We challenged him to be baptized on the 28th of July and he accepted. ^^

It should be a good week! comp exchange starting tonight and a district meeting on Friday.  Lots of miracles to fill the gaps ^^

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

I remember seeing this on you-tube once. Its water! deep city osaka.

finally a church-like church ^^

well hello there.

haha not good at taking pictures lately. This is all I have of my comp.

Hit my one year mark from when I went to the MTC. Elder Hoshino helped me take this strange picture. haha. ^^

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