Sunday, June 23, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 48: Walking in Darkness 暗闇を歩む

Walking in Darkness..... not as bad as it sounds. haha. It was a really cool training we received. It`s about the fact that if we only act by things we know, we are not using Faith. We must do everything in our knowledge and power.... and then take a few steps in the dark. Those steps into the dark are what Faith is.

So its been another great week. Had a companion exchange with the zone leaders, it was way good. 

Other than that just the regular finding people and teaching the Eternal Gospel to them! haha. 

So yeah, the investigator that got a new baptismal date last week is awesome. His name is Tokita 時田, and he`s 23 years old. He`s been investigating for a little while, but really progressing right now. We testified to him of how he can gain a testimony through the Book of Mormon, and he`s reading every day now. 

Last night I called him to set up an appointment, and he asked me if I knew Yui, the music artist. haha. That`s my favorite artist. Turns out its his too.  haha.

I`ve been focusing on making friends with people this week. Something I`ve always struggled with doing quickly. But with patience and a little help from God, I`ve made a little progress. Making friends with people quickly on the street is important to meeting with them again! haha. 

Well, I love you all! remember to rely on the Lord always and you will be strong. or friendly. haha.

Elder O`Reilly

PS going to KOBE on Tuesday for a trainer/trainee missionary meeting.... 
and today I`m going to an official Poke-center..... haha XD they have those in Japan.

Hey! foot's all back to normal. Got a heat rash that`s still going away though. Turns out long socks are a bad idea during rainy season, the most humid time of the year. I bought some short socks and I`m fine now. I bought socks with toes. Oh, yeah. matches my pants and everything. Its actually surprising the difference it makes.

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