Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 55: Crazy クレージ

So this week was crazy! haha.

We went to Osaka on Monday. It was way awesome.

Taught a bunch of lessons. Got 2 new investigators, one is a Muslim, and the other is this awesome guy who says he saw God. haha.  Just met a ton of crazy people this week! We met this one guy and he instantly gave us his address and birthday and first and last name and everything. Another guy tried to teach us exorcism. I was like.... ok...... we`ll try it. Also there was this girl who was wearing an over-shirt that said `God Loves You`. We were like `Do you know what your shirt means?!` and she was like ` of Course I do. Do you want it?` and she half-way takes it off before I tell her, no, that`s ok. haha. (remember, it was just an over-shirt, haha.)

We`ve had a few lessons in English, to people who know stuff about religion. It has brought me to 2 conclusions. First, I`m really bad at English conversation. haha. Second, Perhaps one of the most important parts of a lesson is the part where no one says anything. Where you ask a question that causes them to think about their God, perhaps for the first time, and then you let the question hang in the air for several seconds. Its a little harder to have a question like that hang when they already think they understand about God. I just want to just tell them hey, wait a second and just let the spirit convert you! then you can look into all the deep doctrine that doesn`t really matter. haha.

I really am starting to understand how to bring the spirit into people`s lives. Following the training from the mission president, I`ve learned to teach simply and clearly so the spirit can testify of the truth of the message. We`ve been having very spiritually uplifting lessons, lately. Tons of lessons are scheduled this week too!

So on Friday, we had a few minutes after we had a day long training from president in Kyoto. We felt impressed to go to a park by the station, and we talked to a group of drama kids. After we invited them to the message, we were surprised to run into a member from the ward! After talking to him for a couple minutes, I realized he was currently out of a job, out of a place to stay, and out of money. We talked a while and eventually got the bishop involved.   The bishop is so awesome. The member got an apartment 2 days later and we helped transport a fridge that we weren`t using that was in our house (we really have a big house. haha. We`re using the other 3 fridges/freezers) I was really glad I was able to help him find the help he needed. Also very glad for the awesome bishop.

After we helped transport the fridge, we went to Sekime. The sisters are having a baptism soon! So I went Sunday to do the interviews. 2 Chinese girls will be baptized there next week and the week after that! They are sooooooo elect. It was my first time doing a baptismal interview, and it was a pretty cool spiritual experience.

So a new follow-up system because of the influx of new missionaries was invented from the big training meeting we had in Kyoto. Its really awesome, but takes a ton of time...... I was on the phone from 8 PM to 10:30 straight Sunday night, no breaks except in the middle for 5 minutes to submit weekly numbers as fast as I could, and then I stayed up in my futon punching in information into an E-mail to report, then I woke up an hour early and planned the next district meeting so I could submit the schedule to the zone leaders, and I followed up with the elders from the district during breakfast time..... haha.  Been a little crazy because everyone is seeing so much success. A lot to report. haha. There could be worse problems.

Well, I love you all! the work is just booming over here and its crazy fun.

This week will be awesome! Going on 2 exchanges and teaching the thousands.

Elder O`Reilly

Finally got the word `Osaka` from the water clock.

We went to the Sky garden in Osaka! It was WAAY cool! This is the escalator near the top. Its over 50 stories tall.

The escalator. and Elder Mizuguchi

If you look through the inside window..... its this. Unfortunately, the top level was closed that day. :(


Chilling with the Japanese elders in the district at the top of Sky garden. (空中庭園)

A better picture of us and the Japanese Elders

Went with the whole district and some investigators.

Sky gardens. Picture from bottom.

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