Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 54: no rules 決まっているところはない

So as always it was a great week. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday, and the other elders had a couple as well so we had 7 investigators total at church. Pretty awesome.

Had a companion exchange on Friday/Saturday! Went to the big city again (Osaka city) and I was with Elder Mizuguchi. It was way fun. He is an awesome Elder. We found a college open house, and spent the night talking to groups of college kids. This is what I mean by no rules. haha. At the beginning I assumed it would be to hard to stop large groups of people and talk to them for any time at all, but we had some great contacts with groups of guys. Also, we ran into a couple that was out shopping or something, I bore powerful testimony about Eternal Families, and they became a strong potential investigator. Pretty great day. Also taught some lessons and even set a baptismal date while on the exchange.

Had some good lessons back in Hirakata as well. On Thursday, we had 3 lessons, distance wise they were far apart, so we just bolted from lesson to lesson. It was pretty great. We`ve got some investigators that are really progressing.

I did another district meeting. The district is now 9 people, 3 of the sisters were only temporary. So it was slightly less stressful, and turned out pretty good. Got some good participation from everyone and we all learned some stuff.

Well, we are going to go to Osaka city with the district today. Should be fun! ^^
 love you all! (o-.-)b

Elder O`Reilly

Also it rained really hard sometimes:P

my comp. and Elder Yamaguchi

Me and Elder Mizuguchi

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