Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 57: The work goes on 御業が進む

Its been a great week. Went on 2 exchanges and attended the baptism in Sekime. Also witnessed a fire be put out and went to Osaka stake conference.

The exchanges were great. It`s a great way to find out how the elders in the district are doing and help them out as best I can by working directly with them for a whole day. There are some really great Elders in the district, so its always a great experience.

So one really cool experience this week: We met with this one guy and gave him a book of Mormon on Wednesday. Then we met again on Saturday, and asked if he had a chance to read at all. He was like.... I read a little bit..... like just the first SIX HUNDRED PAGES. haha. We were like ...... what....? that`s awesome. Also we assigned him to draw the plan of salvation, since his hobby is to draw. He drew an AWESOME plan of salvation, and now I think he has a solid understanding of the Plan. He is a really fun guy, and I love teaching him. He even rode the train with us all the way to Abeno, where the Stake conference was.

Conference was great, my favorite talk was one of the 70`s wife, who told of her conversion story. Apparently her friends talked to her about Joseph Smith every single day while she was going to high school, even though she wasn`t interested. They were also inviting her to church every single week. But she wasn`t interested. One week, however, for whatever reason she was really sad. so, she decided to try to go to church. After church she met with some missionaries and the friend and when the friend heard she was upset so she came to church, she got excited and said `Really? I`ve been kneeling and praying every day that you would be upset!` (so she would come to church.) It was really funny, and also shows how a loving friend can bring the gospel into their friend`s life, even if they don`t seem to be interested at the moment.

The work in the district is going really well. The baptism in Sekime was awesome, and there are many more baptisms in the district coming up.

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

Its a Catterpie! (pokemon)

The back of my name tag. thanks to Elder Yamaguchi.

Asked our investigator to draw the plan of salvation for us. Asked him on Saturday night, he gave us this Sunday morning. Awesome.

So we see this smoke in the distance, and we figure its a campfire or something. Nope. Started hearing some sirens, and then we went over to check it out. There were a bunch of people watching them put out the fire, so we were like..... do you know what caused the fire?? and they were like `no.....` and then we said. `Oh...... Well we are missionaries! Want to come to church?!` haha. It was pretty great.

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