Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 58: Triumph 勝利

Let me just tell you right now. The Gospel is true. This is the Lord`s work. and it will triumph over all evil.

We had 2 baptisms in the district last week. They got pretty complicated at the end. Both were in Sekime, but the investigators didn`t have overlapping free time, so it was 2 separate services. One was a Chinese girl I interviewed a while ago. Turns out she is on a work visa for a specific job, and her boss is very against anything religious, so he would not let her get work off to get baptized! With some last minute planning and with her miraculously getting off work a couple hours early, she was baptized last night, a little after 8 PM.

Over in Hirakata, it was a little bit of a down week, but even then we had 4 investigators at church. It was only a third of who planned to come, but it was because it was raining super hard and none of our investigators drive cars. So that was a little unfortunate. But all of those people should be able to come next week.

But..... I won`t be here next week. I`m transferring on Friday! It was another short stay. I am transferring to Matsuyama, where I will be Zone leader of half of the island of Shikoku, meaning I`ll be off the main island of Japan. My companion`s name is Elder Dickson, I don`t know him at all.  I`ll be over 15 missionaries over there. I don`t really know all my responsibilities yet, but I`ll figure out really soon. haha.

Its been a great stay in Hirakata. Things are really looking up and I`m sure there will be a couple more baptisms next transfer here. I`m sad to go but looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me next. It's going to be awesome.

I`ve learned so much through my many responsibilities as district leader over a large district. Also my responsibilities with many investigators. It really strengthened my testimony that God loves all His children so much. I can really feel that love while I serve those I am called to. The Lord truly blessed me here and I`m so grateful for all the time I had in Hirakata.  This truly is the Lord`s work.

Also, I drank pudding out of a can that I found in a vending machine. woah.

I Love you all!

Elder O`Reilly

お好み焼きOKONOMIYAKI. with like daikon kimchi stuff on top from korea.
OH MY GOSH. we make some good food. haha.

So we do all our morning study at the church now. Its pretty great.

Its me. In toe socks. At the stage at the church. (make this my facebook profile picture please (^^))

Another dish we make a lot. Hiyashi chuka. It`s a cold vinegar-noodle summer dish.

The whole district after district meeting this week.

Just in case you want to see my face.

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