Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 63: Devotion 献身

So typically, zone leaders exchange with district leaders once a transfer. However, in this mission, the mission president has a condition where the zone leaders must achieve the `standards of excellence` before they are allowed to do exchanges.

Knowing the district leaders could really benefit from a companion exchange with us, we worked hard this week to achieve the standards.

From the start of the week, we already had enough new investigators, progressing investigators, and investigators with a baptismal date set all planned out. We knew what we really needed to focus on was getting people to church.

Throughout the week, we continued to seek people that could come to church. We needed at least 3 people. We were pretty sure 2 would come. We looked all week, but just couldn`t find anyone who could come.

Finally, we had one more person who said they would come, and she lived close to the church. Everything was looking good.

But, she didn`t show up. It was kind of a bummer. After all that, we still had only 2 investigators at church.

Just a reminder that the Lord`s work gets done in His time and not ours. We couldn`t even get a lady to walk 5 minutes to church in our time. I`m sure she`ll be able to come to church in the future, it just didn`t happen in our time table.

Good time to reflect. Just because you had some temporary set-back, it doesn`t mean you`ve really lost anything. The Gospel still works! that didn`t change. Everything that actually matters is working for your favor.

The Gospel is true! Tell your friends. ^^

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

Rode the Ferris wheel. Look how happy I am.

Companion. Sorry I haven`t taken any good pictures! haha.

View from the top. The Ferris wheel is on top of an already-tall building.

A park we did a few lessons at. You can see matsuyama castle on top of the mountain. (haven`t been there yet)

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