Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 69: Rich blessings are upon us! 豊かな祝福は私たちの上にある!

ohhhhh gosh. The gospel is probably even more awesome than you are currently thinking it is right now.

So having received some training from the assistants and such, we decided that we needed to take time out of our finding time, and prepare more in depth for our investigators. We have a lot that aren`t really progressing.

Its been said, The Lord doesn`t need powerful finders, he knows were all the Elect are. He needs powerful teachers.

I`ve gained testimony of that line this week.

With all the investigators we have, we were planning for them for a few days actually. A lot of thinking, praying, and seeking revelation. But slowly and surely, we were able to set up spirit-guided lessons for each one of them, to help them receive the gospel.

The miracles started as soon as we started planning.

English class on Wednesday -> a girl showed up who had followed the map on the English class flier I gave her when I was passing out fliers last Sunday night. (that has never happened.... the fliers are horrible and sound creepy). With the sister missionaries invitation, she also came to church yesterday and told the sister missionaries that she is super interested in Church and wants to learn everything about it. Also she is going to invite her friend as well.

Thursday -> taught our awesome investigator. (the one who was sick and couldn`t come to church?) yeah, he`s getting baptized next month. Probably even before the date we set with him because he is soooooo prepared. came to church yesterday in a great suit tie and everything. asks nothing but golden questions and understands everything we teach fast and solid. He loves the gospel. He was even telling the members on Sunday that he`s getting baptized.

Friday -> district meeting. On the way home, a guy walked up to us and started talking to us. ummm.... yeah. He wants to come to church and hear a message.  Then we get home and continue some planning, and a potential investigator calls us. Oh yeah, he wants in on the Gospel too. (I`ve never had a guy we met on the street call us up and set up an appointment! haha)

It reminds me of the promise in D+C 111 somewhere, where is says something about the Lord blessing us as fast as we are able to receive it. If we are not ready to receive a blessing, why can we expect one? as soon as we prepare every needful thing, the Lord will bless us. What is in our lives that we need to prepare in order to more richly receive of the Lord`s blessing? Our Heavenly Father loves us and always wants to bless our lives. Let us prepare for the entirety of the richness of his great blessing.  What is the entirety of his blessing? Eternal life. It is given to all those who prepare to receive it.

The gospel is so true. Lets spread the joy around. there is too much joy for only 15,000,000 people to feel.

Elder O`Reilly

found a tiny apple.

So my companion takes a while at E-mail, so I have had time to type up summaries of each lesson topic in PMG. then I got a hole puncher thing that is actually pretty cool, and found a perferator thing. I can tear out individual summaries about any topic we teach! Its pretty cool.

I translated for Imabari district meeting on friday. Multiple districts need our translation, so we will probably go back and forth.... and they just have to do without us on off weeks.  This is a shot from the ride back. the train like goes through the jungle, and also along the ocean at some parts. pretty cool train ride.

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