Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 71: Helping those around 周りの人を助ける

Merry Christmas! (Thanksgiving is over-rated)

I love doing missionary work in the Christmas season!

Remembering the great gift of the Son so that we could all return to the Father.

I`ve really thought a lot of how awesome of an opportunity I have to help all those around me. There`s a lot of people around me. haha. The people outside, in my zone, in my apartment, and my companion! There really isn`t any time to worry about personal wants or other things of no importance. What a fantastic opportunity!

Transfers was last Thursday. Went all the way to KOBE to pick up a brand new missionary, Elder Fuller. He is 18. woah. He just loves Japan and is excited to be here.

Spending a lot of time with many young missionaries, I`ve really noticed how much I`ve changed. They always talk about what part of missionary work is `fun`, when they eat and what they eat, etc. Reminds me that I was much like that when I first got here. Now, its a little different. Doesn`t really matter what we have to eat, what we are required to do, or honestly whether or not you think you get a long with your companion. Doing all you can to help those you connect with will help you to focus outward, and those things that we may think are important to us...... we gradually realize they never were important.

The Savior of the world gave the perfect example. Never seeking his own, and taking on the sins of the world, so that we could all return to God. He knows what is truly important.

Love you all!


us with some members

Going to transfers! (the night before we had to stay at okayama..... my companion is here.... just not in the picture)

We had a meeting yesterday in Takamatsu, so that`s why today is Preparation day.  The meal there by the members was fantastic.

My companion(left, Elder Fuller) and Zone leader companion (right, Elder Mergist)

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