Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 70: Primary Program プリマリ発表

So we had our Primary program yesterday. Matsuyama branch has a grand total of TWO kids in it. haha. soooooooooo....... the primary presidency (yes they have a president and 2 counselors) asked us if we would be in the program. We accepted instantly. haha. we are the next youngest in the branch after the primary. We got to sing all the primary songs in Japanese. it was great. also gave a one minute testimony. For the primary program, they take away the podium and the wood wall things around it, so the stand becomes like a stage. Kind of weird to bear testimony at sacrament meeting on a stage with a hand held mike, but still way cool.

Our super solid investigator got sick again and couldn`t come to church, but is sooo solid. We gave him the Joesph Smith history to read and after that he asked if he could read the whole book of Mormon. haha. ummmmm..... sure. ^^

We had a cool experience with another investigator this week. We can`t call him so we always visit him right when he gets back from work. When he got back he was obviously pretty depressed about something. When we asked if we could share a message we prepared for him, he said he wasn`t really in the mood. He said he messed up at work and wasn`t sure if he would still have a job the next day.  Right away, I went to grab the present we brought for him from out of my bike, and then I asked if we could say a prayer with him. He agreed. Following the spirit, I prayed that he would feel God`s love and have his protection. By the end of the prayer he was in tears.

We weren`t able to share the message we had carefully prepared, but following the spirit, he was really able to feel something. The next day, his job was fine and everything returned to normal.

So we got transfer calls today! I`m staying, and I am also Training. which means that another companionship will be coming to Matsuyama, and that companionship will have the other zone leader.  the apartment CAN NOT fit 4 people, so it will be interesting to say the least...... it`s tight with 2 people.

since I`m training, the new missionaries are not in Japan yet. so I know absolutely nothing about my next companion.  The other zone leader is one transfer (six weeks) my senior, and he is a great guy. Elder Mergist.

Looking forward to a great transfer full of miracles!

Love you all,

the line mall type thing in matsuyama. 商店街


Me and Elder Dickson. got you a good picture mom. ^^

Couple pics of the outside


Another cool pic!  ^^

found some samurai armor. oh yeah.

maybe not very good at putting it on right but it was pretty great. ^^

Got to the top and there was a golden sun shining through the clouds. Waaaayyy cool.

the whole group that went. The guy is a member and the lady is an investigator. Our investigators couldn`t come. :P

random pic from the top

SO. finally found the right way to eat persimmons. Wait until you think they are super rotten, and they actually aren`t, they are delicious. then you can cut off the top and eat the soft fruit with a spoon. soooooo good. yum! ^^

sorry..... took hundreds of pics last monday. haha. 

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